Review: TRiiiPSS release their new album ‘iii’

TRiiiPSS. Photo Courtesy of TRiiiPSS.

TRiiiPSS release their new album “iii.” #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

TRiiiPSS is made up of triplet brothers Jay Litherland (who is an Olympic silver medalist swimmer), Kevin Litherland, and Mick Litherland.

It opens with the midtempo and mellow “Sanko,” and it is followed by the melodically-stunning and nonchalant “This Vibey World,” featuring Vin$nt, and the unapologetic “GnB.”

It segues into the atmospheric “Space Baby” and after the hypnotic “Lemons,” and it closes with the nonchalant “Takai Sekai,” which features Daimu.

Their new album “iii” is available on Apple Music by clicking here. There is a lot of variety on this musical effort, and it is recommended for fans of hip-hop, indie, and rap music.

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