Revolutionizing the Fit of Women’s Hoodies with 7degrees


Transforming Frumpy Hoodies into Tailored, Comfortable, and Colorful Designs for the Active and Confident Woman.

Shera Rowley, owner and designer at 7Degrees, is on a mission to change the fit of women’s hoodies. With 20+ years in the bridal industry, Shera was looking for a change in her career and wardrobe. Frustrated with the oversized and boxy hoodies available, Shera decided to create a collection of hoodies that would flatter the curves and move with the wearer’s active lifestyle.

The result is 7Degrees, a brand specializing in creating hoodies with a tailored fit. The hoodies are designed with a longer sleeve and body than traditional off-the-rack options, making them perfect for women who struggle with finding the right fit. They also feature comfortable thumbholes, a unique feature that is often hard to find. The hoodies are made primarily with a French terry knit fabric, blended with spandex, for a comfortable fit for the feminine figure.

7Degrees’ goal is to create a line of clothing that is perfect for everyday wear, from the gym to the office, or date night to weekend sporting events. The brand’s hoodies are designed to make the wearer feel put together with minimal effort, and to move with their active lifestyle.

Shera started 7Degrees after separating from her business partner in her ecommerce boutique. Despite the challenges of starting a business on her own, Shera persevered, putting all her energy into creating the best hoodies possible. Today, 7Degrees is a thriving business, known for its innovative designs and comfortable, high-quality hoodies.

One of the biggest challenges faced by 7Degrees was keeping up with the demand. To overcome this, they started launching new designs with pre-orders, which helped fund the next round of production. This approach helped build a dedicated community of customers who were willing to wait for their new designs.

Shera learned the importance of clear communication with customers, especially when it comes to pre-orders. She emphasizes the need to be honest and to keep customers informed about the order and production process.

Shera’s message is clear: women deserve clothing that makes them feel confident and comfortable. In a world where fashion is constantly changing, one thing remains the same – the desire to feel good in our clothes. 7Degrees is designed to make women feel put together and tailored, even when they threw their outfit together.

Shera Rowley, the founder of 7Degrees, is excited to offer women a new choice in hoodies. Her passion and expertise in the fashion industry, combined with her mission to empower women, has led to the creation of a brand that is both professional and fun. With 7Degrees, women can feel confident and comfortable in their clothing, no matter where life takes them.

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