Ryan Coetzee details his Olympic journey in ‘Below The Surface’ series on YouTube

Ryan Coetzee
Ryan Coetzee. Photo Courtesy of Ryan Coetzee

South African swimmer Ryan Coetzee details his Olympic journey in the “Below The Surface: The Olympic Dream Unveiled” series on YouTube. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

He is affectionately known as Ryan “tha Rhino” Coetzee, especially he is ready to “charge through any challenge head on.” His YouTube channel provides viewers a backstage pass to his Olympic journey. Coetzee is candid about the challenges, triumphs and everything in between, as he gets ready for the Paris Olympic Games in less than a year.

Coetzee is able to dive deep into the highs and lows of his Olympic pursuit, from mental resilience to financial hurdles. “This isn’t just about swimming; I’m sharing my goals, swim tips and insights to inspire and educate,” he said.

“Your engagement keeps me going! Join the community by commenting and asking questions – together, we’re building something incredible. Get ready for the Mauritius training camp – follow my journey as I prep for the Olympics in this beautiful setting,” he added.

The entire informed episode may be seen below on his YouTube channel.

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