Samsung’s new screen turns your boring Windows 10 PC into a stunning smart TV


Samsung wants to make your home office feel a little less dull thanks to the launch of its new M8 monitor range. These colourful screens, which clearly seem to have taken inspiration from Apple’s latest iMac, not only link up to your desktop Windows 10 PC or laptop for the daily dose of emails but also feature full access to services such as Disney+, Apple TV+ and Netflix. That’s all thanks to the displays having a Wi-Fi connection built-in and a telly-style remote control that ships in the box.

These bonus extras are aimed at helping to make this monitor feel like a real TV once your day’s work is done.

Samsung is no stranger to producing monitors that can transform into a television but this is the first time they’ve made the design look more appealing for use in the home.

When it launches in the coming weeks, the 32-inch M8 screen will be available in White, Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue and Spring Green and that’s not all as they will also ship with something called the SlimFit Cam.

This mini camera pops on the top of the screen so you can make those all-important Zoom calls. It even features some clever upgrades including Face Tracking and Auto Zoom functions which swiftly identify a person’s face and makes sure they are always perfectly in shot.

There are also some high-sensitivity Far Field Voice microphones tucked inside which not only make you sound better but also offer instant access to personal assistants such as Bixby and Amazon Alexa.

Samsung says that these microphones also use an Always On Voice function, displaying conversation information on screen when Bixby is activated, even if the monitor screen is turned off.

Other nifty features include adaptive picture technology that helps enhance viewer comfort by automatically adjusting display brightness and colour temperature plus there’s a fully height adjustable stand with tilt functionality so you should be able to get the perfect set-up on your desk.

“We aspired to create a product capable of matching the lifestyles of all kinds of people and preferences,” said Kyounghoon Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Design Team, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. “The M8’s color palette composed of four different colors was inspired by the theme ‘Shades of Nature’. Gazing at the clear blue sky on a bright sunny day, recharging in the lush green forest, or finally bathing in the glow of a sunset,” he added.

There’s currently no word on price although those interested can register now on Samsung’s website.

Published at Tue, 29 Mar 2022 06:27:00 +0000

Samsung’s new screen turns your boring Windows 10 PC into a stunning smart TV