SEAL Team season 5: Jason discovers truth about hospital collapse as fans spot promo clue


    Paramount Networks’ military drama released an intense promo clip which hints fans will see a whole different side to Jason Hayes (played by David Boreanaz). A SEAL Team fan spotted another major clue in the clip which suggests he will finally learn the reason why his team was in the hospital.

    Ahead of the release of episode 12, the network released a promo clip and it looked as though Jason will be forced to face some uncomfortable truths.

    Throughout the season he had been experiencing painful headaches which viewers believe is down to his time on the front line.

    The clip also highlights his issue could be getting worse as Jason can be seen spaced out, nursing his head and looking frustrated.

    Taking to Reddit, user Tigerney commented: “This is gonna be intense! I think they are finally telling Jason that he brought that building down and put the team in the hospital.”

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    In the season five episode titled ‘Conspicuous Gallantry’ the entire team were hospitalized after an op went sideways and resulted in a building explosion.

    As Jason had been ignoring his headaches and continuing to lead the Bravo team he was at fault, however, his memory was affected and he couldn’t remember what happened.

    The episode was just flashbacks of the incident as the team tried to piece together what went wrong.

    Jason’s mysterious headaches are also linked to a traumatic brain injury he suffered years ago, which has flared up and is causing him stress.

    However, the idea of him stepping down could be met with some rebuttal as he is seen telling Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr): “I’m what’s best for the team.”

    He adds: “In all the ways I could’ve gone out,” which suggests he was reflecting on his career and the possibility of stepping down.

    However, by the end of the eerie promo video, Jason is sat frustrated with a gun in his hand.

    A voice can be heard saying: “Jason, what are you doing put the gun down,” which could be a reaction to finding out the truth about how the explosion happened.

    Published at Tue, 04 Jan 2022 07:39:09 +0000

    SEAL Team season 5: Jason discovers truth about hospital collapse as fans spot promo clue