Sky offers ‘best ever’ price for TV with broadband and it’s surprisingly cheap


If you fancy a Sky Q box and access to speedy broadband then there’s now a way to access these services at a cheaper monthly cost. In fact, Sky says its latest deal offers customers the chance to subscribe to one of its popular TV and broadband plans at its “best ever” price. The new deal, which has just gone live, offers a TV package and Sky’s superfast broadband for just £30 per month. To put that price into some perspective, Sky’s broadband alone usually costs £25 per month so that means you’re getting Sky Q for just £5 extra.

That’s a bit of a bargain especially as it includes the award-winning Sky Q box which can record numerous shows at once plus there are full voice controls that allow you to find content, change channels and even fast forward or rewind just by asking.

The box that’s on offer in this budget Sky deal is also fully UHD compatible so you can watch content in full and pin-sharp 4K resolution.

So that’s the Sky Q device that’s bundled with this deal but as we mentioned earlier this offer also features reasonably fast 36Mbps broadband. It’s not exactly blisteringly quick internet access but it should be quick enough to stream movies from Netflix, surf the web and send your daily batch of emails.

£30 per month for this TV and broadband bundle is very good value but there is one catch that you should be aware of before signing on the dotted line. Sky only includes its TV Essentials in this package which basically gives you access to all the usual free channels such as BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

You will find over 200 channels to watch but if you fancy Sky’s more premium services such as Sky Max, MTV or Sky Atlantic you’re going to have to pay more. In fact, start adding Sky TV with 150 extra channels and boxsets to watch and you’ll face an extra £9 per month.

Things will obviously get even more expensive if you want Sky Sports (currently £20) or Sky Cinema (currently £11 per month). Watching in HD is an extra £6 and if you fancy seeing things in full 4K then expect another £10 to be taken from your bank account. Check out our guide to the best Sky TV Deals to get the best price on these channels.

If you’re not bothered about all those Sky channels then you probably won’t find a cheaper way to access Sky Q and broadband.


Published at Mon, 28 Feb 2022 06:54:00 +0000

Sky offers ‘best ever’ price for TV with broadband and it’s surprisingly cheap