Spider-Man: Tom Holland wants to team up with controversial Avenger


    Holland has only just come off of his latest Marvel movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, where he teamed up with two alternate dimension Spider-Men. Now the British actor has a taste for it, he is eager to continue teaming up with superheroes going forward. And first on his list is someone a little unorthodox.

    A number of the Avengers are currently in the world’s bad books.

    Wanda Maximoff – otherwise known as the Scarlet Witch – most recently took an entire town captive to carry out her live-action fan-fiction. The original Vision was killed off, but a new version of the robot, White Vision, now roams the planet freely with no indication of whether he’ll be evil or good.

    Meanwhile, Hawkeye has hung up his bow (for now), Thor, Captain Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy are off-world somewhere, and the new Captain America is likely working with the US Government in a secret location.

    Finally, that leaves the Black Widow. The new one, that is: Yelena Belova.

    Holland has revealed he wants to team up with the new Black Widow star, Florence Pugh, in a future movie.

    Yelena was introduced in Black Widow’s solo film, which introduced Natasha Romanoff’s dysfunctional assassin family, comprised of Alexei Shostakov, Melina Vostokoff and Yelena. Yelena has since made an appearance in the Hawkeye Disney Plus series, where she made the controversial decision to attempt to kill Clint Barton because she thought he had killed Natasha.

    Now, Holland has revealed he has “discussed” the possibility of Spider-Man teaming up with Yelena in the future with Pugh.

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    Holland told ET: “I wanna work with Florence Pugh. I think she’s amazing, so good in [Black Widow], and all the movies that she’s done. I think she’s fantastic, so I think a really cool Spider-Man-Black Widow movie would be a fun little twist!”

    Historically, Spider-Man and Black Widow have certainly teamed up together in the Marvel comic books. Most of the time their relationship hinges on taking on a common enemy: The Kingpin.

    The Kingpin – who was first seen in the Netflix show Daredevil – was recently reintroduced to the MCU during the events of Hawkeye. With this in mind, Spider-Man and Black Widow may team up in the near future.

    However, Peter will first need to reinstate his identity, which was lost at the end of No Way Home.

    Spider-Man: No Way Home is in cinemas now.

    Black Widow is available to watch on Disney Plus.


    Published at Tue, 01 Feb 2022 09:06:04 +0000

    Spider-Man: Tom Holland wants to team up with controversial Avenger


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