Take Five with model and athlete Kyle Fragnoli

Kyle Fragnoli
Kyle Fragnoli. Photo Credit: Normandy Europa.

Model Kyle “Kiki” Fragnoli chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors, and he shared some exciting and fun things about himself.

Byron Pulsifer once said: “Imagine, dream, and believe in yourself. With determination and belief, you will be surprised at what you accomplish.” This quote applies to Fragnoli.

A native of Upstate New York, Fragnoli is a fitness model, actor, athlete, social influencer, and his goal is to become a Los Angeles firefighter. A former Division I lacrosse player, he is also coaching lacrosse at a high school.

Two-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep also proclaimed Fragnoli as “something special.”

He appeared in Chloé Caroline’s music video for “Confetti” as the male love interest and party guy.

On his favorite cheat meal, Fragnoli listed “six eggs” as his go-to. The same holds true for In-N-Out Burger. “I’m Italian, I can eat whatever and keep going,” he admitted.

His favorite sport to watch is football, and his favorite sport to play is lacrosse. “I was a Division I athlete in the University of Vermont, but I had no interest in going pro, but I love coaching it right now. This is a full circle moment for me,” he said.

Fragnoli’s favorite hobbies include “running,” especially because he finds it “peaceful.”

He noted that he considers walking as a form of exercise. “As long as you elevate your heartrate, that’s what matters,” he said.

Fragnoli opened up about his weight loss journey and how he went from 245 pounds to 200 pounds to 175 pounds, most of which he lost within a 31-day period (the time it took for him to drive from New York to California).

“I took the journey pretty aggressively,” he admitted, prior to underscoring his love for intermittent fasting. “I did it pretty drastically and I did that for 31 days.”

“Every Sunday, I would do the coffee and water challenge, so on top of intermittent fasting, I would literally cut one day of a week where I wouldn’t eat anything. This is not sustainable, and I would only do it for the short-term,” he explained.

“I would still take multi-vitamins to get the nutrients that I needed, especially because your hormones need fat. I experimented with that temporarily and it really helped,” he elaborated.

“You just listen to your body, and then, tailor to it,” he added.

He shared a unique family tradition during the holidays. “Growing up, my parents would always write their own poetry for us on Christmas, and they had a way with words,” he recalled about that family tradition.

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