That Brazilian Couple talks about their pregnancy journey

That Brazilian Couple
That Brazilian Couple. Photo Credit: Elton Davel

Ana Luiza Luizi and Junio Enrique of That Brazilian Couple chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about their pregnancy journey.

That Brazilian Couple on having a baby on the way

On having a baby on the way, Ana said, “It feels right. It feels like the best thing that ever happened. Yet, it feels like the best is yet to come. The excitement of the unknown and the anticipation of lots of firsts… It feels like a dream come true!”

Junio remarked, “It feels like our life is about to change for real. We’ve heard that from many friends and family. God is so amazing; our entire life has already shifted towards something bigger than what we’ve experienced before. It has felt great ever since we found out we’re expecting our baby boy. However, I feel like Ana is experiencing a greater change during the nine months.”

“Meanwhile, I’m still preparing for the unknown, since I don’t feel him like she does. I do feel him moving around, and it’s amazing, but I believe that it will actually hit once I get to see and hold him in my arms,” he added.

Decision to have a baby 15 years later

They opened up about their decision to have a baby 15 years later. “Ana and I met in 2001. Started dating 3 years later, and in 2005 I came to the United States,” Junio said.

Junio continued, “We were 22 and 25 when Ana arrived in the US after our two-year long-distance relationship. We got married shortly after, and having kids was not part of our plans yet. We were focused on settling down in a foreign country, on our careers as dancers, and on our new life as a young married couple. Of course, we talked about the subject, and we both agreed that we weren’t in a hurry to have kids and that, being young, we could just wait for the desire to arise. We agreed that if at some point one of us had ‘baby fever,’ we would talk about it again.”

Ana stated, “About 13 years later, Junio caught that “fever,” and we decided we were both open to having children. We left it to the Universe to decide if and when that would happen to us, meaning, we weren’t really ‘trying,’ but we were no longer avoiding it. In October 2022, I discovered I was pregnant for the first time.”

“We were super excited, counting the days to see the first ultrasound once we were eight weeks… Unfortunately, that day never came. I had a miscarriage at Week 5. The pain of miscarrying a baby is hard to describe; it’s something that made me lose my breath, the emotional pain became physical, hurting in my bones,” she said.

Ana continued, “That was definitely my shift; all the doubts were gone, and being a mom became a dream. After that event, we went to see many doctors, both in the US and in Brazil, to check our overall health and see our chances of getting pregnant naturally again, considering we were 38 and 41 years old.”

“Our dedication and faith made us pregnant again 11 months later, and the fact that we discovered it on the day of our 15th-year anniversary makes it the most blessed gift ever,” she exclaimed.

Lessons learned from this pregnancy journey

On the lessons learned from her pregnancy journey, Ana said, ” It taught me how much a person can change. Throughout this pregnancy, it was my mission to remain positive, calm, and patient for the health of my baby. Knowing that the change in hormones could affect my behavior, I really worked on myself and my mind to not choose the negative or ‘out-of-control’ path.”

“Even in the first trimester, when I felt all the worst symptoms of nausea, heartburn, fatigue, and migraines, even then I was thankful because all of that was a sign of a strong pregnancy. It taught me I’m capable of anything,” she added.

“I’ve already learned so much,” Junio said. One big lesson is to experience how amazing moms are, how incredibly invested and loving Ana is when it comes to taking care of herself and our baby even before he’s here with us. For a long time, we didn’t plan to have kids, and the moment we decided, she completely shifted into the best mom.”

Junio continued, “I’ve had some really difficult moments trying to figure out if I was going to be a good example of a father or even if I was going to be ready. I’m reevaluating my old beliefs and way of thinking, especially on how I see my parents. Now I’m starting to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for my parents; they did everything they were supposed to in order to raise me.”

“I’m planning on doing the exact same thing for my son. I do believe that I’ll be ready by being 100% present in my kid’s life. He’s constantly changing me, and I’m really excited for this journey we are both embarking on,” he added.

Advice for aspiring parents

For young and aspiring parents, they offered the following encouraging advice: “Do what your heart desires, in your own time, without feeling any pressure from society. Be true to what you want and when you want it. Don’t be afraid of changes and of dreaming new dreams.”

That Brazilian Couple shares their future plans

On their future plans, they shared, “We plan to move to a bigger place after our baby turns six months old. We plan to visit our family in Brazil beginning in 2025. We plan to be the best parents we can be. We plan to love, enjoy, and respect our growing family.”

Message for their fans and supporters

For their fans and supporters, they expressed, “We would love to thank everyone who has been following our pregnancy journey. The amount of support and prayers we received when we shared about our miscarriage helped us heal. The love and positive energy we’ve been receiving since we shared the news of this pregnancy is beyond anything we could have ever imagined.”

“The messages, gifts, and shared experiences we receive make us feel like we have the biggest family in the world. Our baby is tremendously loved by its countless grandparents, uncles, and aunts from the virtual world. We are forever grateful for each one of you and wish to give back all the love we receive,” they concluded.

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