The Beatles: John Lennon on Paul McCartney HOURS before death – ‘I’d do anything for him’


The Beatles: John Lennon on Paul McCartney HOURS before death – ‘I’d do anything for him’

would have been 80-years-old this Friday had he not been tragically murdered in 1980. Over the years, fans have wondered if he and truly made up properly after broke up in 1970. Well according to the man who took Lennon’s final interview just hours before his death, the 40-year-old had some lovely things to say about his friend.

Kenneth Womack is the author of a new book called John Lennon 1980: The Last Days In The Life.

Rather than focusing on the star’s murder, the book celebrates his creativity and activities throughout the last year of his life. asked him if Lennon and McCartney were made up by 1980 and the author was adamant that they really were.

Womack said: “I do think so. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.”

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On his new John Lennon book, the author said: “Ultimately, I think the seasoned fan who may know these stories and quotations will enjoy the rush of energy associated with John’s last year.

“Experiencing, almost in realtime, that headlong push that he was engaged in that got him into that space where he was creating again.

“That kind of inspirational tale of tilting at greatness and making it happen. It’s what we all want for ourselves, I believe.”

1980 saw Lennon travelling all over the world, from his Florida estate and home in Long Island to stopping off in South Africa and sailing to Bermuda in June.

It was then at the end of the summer in 1980 than Lennon began recording his first album in five years at New York’s Hit Factory.

A geographically orientated book, Womack will take “the readers into those places so they can experience the excitement of John’s last year and how he brought all those wonderful songs together.

“He was very attuned to politics, literary arts – particularly non-fiction – and the way they merged to bring a very different picture of what life may have been like for him in his last year.”

John Lennon 1980: The Last Days In The Life by Kenneth Womack is out now.

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