The Beatles: Paul McCartney shares REAL reason why Saturday is missing from Lady Madonna


The Beatles: Paul McCartney shares REAL reason why Saturday is missing from Lady Madonna

had many No 1 singles in their heyday including 1968’s Lady Madonna. Recorded that February before they left on their trip to India, the song features all the days of the week except Saturday. And , who penned the lyrics, once revealed the real reason why it was missing.

Next year a documentary film and book based on the Let It Be sessions of 1969 are released in August.

Both are titled The Beatles: Get Back and feature unheard and unseen conversions between the Fab Four.

Last month, the film’s director Peter Jackson told Rolling Stone how the unseen Let It Be footage he’s had access to proves The Beatles wanted to stay together.

He said: “Even though Let It Be wasn’t filmed with the breakup in mind it was filmed 14 months earlier. I can just imagine that if you were going to the cinema in May of 1970, and you just heard that the Beatles had broken up, then you’re obviously going to look at the movie through a particular filter.”

He continued: “I think that has led to it being known as the breakup film. But it’s not really a breakup film in the slightest. Just me personally as a fan, looking at the 56 hours, I get a sense of a group that wants to do something different, but they’ve run out of places to go.

“They never wanted to repeat themselves — they didn’t want to make Sgt. Pepper 2. There’s even conversations we’ve got on film where they’re discussing, ‘Maybe if we went back and became the Cavern Club band again’ — becoming the lunchtime bender gang.

“Because they can’t play a stadium that’s bigger than Shea. They’ve done complex albums. They’ve done simple albums.

“You get the sense that they really don’t want to break up. That’s the overriding impression I get. They’re a forward-moving band, but they’ve run out of places to go.”

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