The Walkman is back! Sony reboots its iconic music player… just don’t look at price


Anyone who misses their iconic Walkman will be pleased to know that an all-new model is coming very soon. Sony has announced that it’s about to launch its imaginatively named WM1ZM2 and it will definitely feel a lot more premium than the metal and plastic models that took the 80s by storm.

Sony’s latest digital music player has been created using gold and this precious metal is not there just to add a bit of bling.

According to Sony, the gold-plated chassis that’s included on the WM1ZM2 helps create better audio quality along with higher rigidity.

Thanks to this design, users should find bass notes are clearer and more powerful plus there are improvements to the mid and high range sounds that this device is able to produce.

That gold colour also looks pretty slick and will certainly turn a few heads when you pull it from your pocket.

Along with the striking gold design, there are plenty of other audio treats that should please your ears including the ability to play High-Res Audio songs and Native DSD (direct stream digital) files.

The WM1ZM2 is also fully compatible with 360 Reality Audio which makes the sound appear to hit your ears from all directions for a more immersive experience.

You’ll also find a generous 256GB of storage – that’s enough to keep over 40,000 songs on this device.

Once fully charged you’ll get 18 hours of music playback from a single charge and there’s a 5-inch HD display that lets you skip tracks and view what songs are playing and what’s coming up next.

Sound good?

Before you get too excited about taking delivery of this new Walkman you might want to be aware of its price as the WM1ZM2 isn’t exactly cheap.

When it goes on sale next month, it’s expected to feature a price tag in excess of £3,200, Ouch!

If that whopping cost hasn’t put you off and you fancy taking delivery of new Walkman then Sony is expected to release this device next month.

Published at Sat, 12 Mar 2022 07:30:00 +0000

The Walkman is back! Sony reboots its iconic music player… just don’t look at price