There’s only DAYS left to get a FREE laptop from EE with the Samsung Galaxy S21


Samsung is running an incredible deal right now which gives away a Chromebook 4 laptop entirely for free with the Galaxy S21. The deal is available at EE, with the laptop worth £299 being given away entirely for free with Galaxy S21 plans. And if that wasn’t enough, EE is also offering an additional saving of up to £432 on the price of a 24 month Samsung Galaxy S21 contract. If you like the sound of this deal, then you need to act quick as the Samsung Galaxy free Chromebook 4 offer runs out in a matter of days – ending on January 10.

The promotion runs between December 23 2021 and January 10 2022, and if you purchase a Galaxy S21 between this period from a participating retailer you’ll need to head to the official Samsung Chromebook 4 offer website and provide proof of purchase to redeem the deal.

You can also get a free Chromebook 4 with the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, however the deals EE is running on the Galaxy S21 means this handset offers better value.

For instance, one of the recommended plans for the Galaxy S20 FE 5G handset from EE is the 10GB plan – which costs £51 a month and requires a £50 upfront payment. Over the course of the 24 month plan, this in total would set you back £1,274. However, the equivalent package for the Galaxy S21 currently works out chaper.

The 10GB Galaxy S21 5G contract from EE usually costs £53 a month with a £70 upfront payment. Over the course of the two year plan that would cost £1,342 – £68 more expensive than the equivalent S20 FE 5G deal from EE.

However, right now EE has slashed the prices of a number of S21 plans, with the 10GB plan seeing its monthly fee cut from £53 to £37, with a £50 upfront cost instead of a £70 upfront cost needed.

This works out as £938 across two years – which is £336 less than the 10GB S20 FE 5G contract.

If you need more data, then you can also enjoy a whopping £432 saving on both the 100GB and unlimited data S21 5G plans from EE.

The 100GB S21 5G plan usually costs £61 a month for 24 months plus a £30 upfront payment.

But this has now been reduced to £43 a month for the two year contract. The £30 upfront payment price has stayed the same.

While the unlimited data S21 5G plan from EE usually costs £66 a month with a £30 upfront payment.

But the monthly fee for this contract at the moment has been reduced to £48 a month for two years, with a £30 upfront payment required as well.

If you’ve been thinking of getting an S21 for awhile, then now is the perfect time to do – as you can make a huge saving on the price of the contract, and get a free laptop worth almost £300 bundled in.

When you factor in the price of the Chromebook 4, and the saving you’ll make on an S21 contract, you can save up to £731 in total.

That’s a whopping saving, the likes of which you rarely find. For that amount of money, you could pick up a PS5 Digital console and a new 4K TV, plus have change to buy a game to play on your new PlayStation.

Published at Sun, 02 Jan 2022 14:19:50 +0000

There’s only DAYS left to get a FREE laptop from EE with the Samsung Galaxy S21


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