Three UK deals devastating blow to customers, popular unlimited data offer scrapped


Three UK deals devastating blow to customers, popular unlimited data offer scrapped

Three UK has handed customers a sudden blow, with their ‘Go Binge’ 4G and 5G unlimited data offer getting canned. The unlimited data offer was suddenly scrapped at the beginning of this month without warning, according to a post by ISPreview. Go Binge is no longer available to new Three UK existing customers, but the good news is existing ones can continue to use it until they need to upgrade or re-contract.

Announcing the news, the Three UK website says: “New plans taken out after 1 October no longer include Go Binge … If you already have Go Binge, you won’t lose it. If you’re on one of the [supported] plans and have previously opted out of Go Binge, you can ask us to switch it back on. Just give us a call.”

While a Three UK spokesperson said: “Following a recent review of our products, we have decided not continue with our Go Binge offer for new and upgrading customers. As many of our plans offer generous or unlimited data, we recognise that the way we stream and consume services is changing and we are updating our propositions to reflect this.

“We are now exploring new ways to continue rewarding our customers, whilst providing exceptional value and better connectivity for every customer.”

While Three UK has a number of unlimited data offerings, Go Binge was a popular one as it allowed those on cheaper plans with a capped data allowance to stream as much as they wanted from music, social media and video services such as Netflix, Snapchat and Deezer.


After this six month period is up prices will revert back to normal.

Both of these packages offer unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and are 5G ready at no extra cost.

The unlimited data packages also include the ability to use your reserves of 4G or 5G data for a personal hotspot.

And it also offers you the ability to use your data around the world in 71 destinations at no extra cost.

Published at Sun, 04 Oct 2020 11:13:28 +0000


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