Time to upgrade your 4K TV? Panasonic joins Samsung and Sony with big screen updates


Panasonic has just announced the launch of its latest and greatest TV which it hopes will take on the likes of Samsung and Sony in 2021. The new JZ2000 comes packed with features that are aimed at making the viewing experience more enjoyable and one of the best upgrades has to be its ability to tweak the picture automatically depending on what you are watching. This means you can forget about digging into the settings when you want to watch a blockbuster movie then fancy switching over to the evening’s football action.

Panasonic says it has achieved this new way of watching via its HCX Pro AI Processor which uses Artificial Intelligence to work out exactly what’s pictured on the display.

This clever chip identifies things in real-time analysing the picture every second and comparing it to a varied library of content that it has learned.

For example, if the TV detects that you’ve settled down for a night of football action it adjusts the picture to make the grass more life-like and the players more three-dimensional. And that’s not all as it can also change the audio settings to make the sound of the stadium appear more realistic

It’s all pretty clever although we’ll have to wait and see if it works as well when placed inside real homes.

This system has been developed by the team at Technics and sounds pretty impressive.

Other extras arriving on this TV include a stand that swivels so you can get the perfect viewing angle and there’s a gaming mode with lower latency for better performance when playing titles on the new next-gen machines.

The OLED panel is also brighter than most of its rivals and colour has been tuned by Hollywood pro Stefan Sonnenfeld.

Speaking about the new television, Yasushi Murayama, Executive of Product Strategy for Panasonic’s Visual and Sound Business Unit, said: “The JZ2000 is a symbol of what we at Panasonic want to achieve. Building on the superb accuracy which makes Panasonic’s TVs ideal for watching films, we are further improving the experience in other areas such as gaming too. Through the use of AI, we want our viewers enjoy the best picture and sound settings automatically. Our aim is simply to support our customers to really, truly experience their favourite contents. Whether they are into films, games, sports, or something else, we want them to enjoy heightened visual and aural experiences which leave them feeling happy and satisfied.”

Published at Sat, 09 Jan 2021 07:40:45 +0000

Time to upgrade your 4K TV? Panasonic joins Samsung and Sony with big screen updates


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