Top Boy theory: Stef to take over as ‘top boy’ from Jamie as fans tip revenge twist


    Netflix’s highly acclaimed British crime series Top Boy returned with a second series which has already dominated the platform’s Top 10 list. After its jaw-dropping finale, fans believe Stefan Toville (played by Araloyin Oshunremi) could take over and seek revenge for his brother Jamie Toville’s (Michael Ward) death.

    Throughout season two, fans watched the aftermath as Ats Ayittey (Keiyon Cook) betrayal took a major toll on Stefan.

    The youngsters were best friends until Ats got involved with drug dealing after watching his mother struggle to make ends meet.

    He was working for Dushane’s (Ashley Walters) crew, while they were at war with Jamie’s crew, which caused major problems.

    Sadly, it took a fatal turn when Ats was found dead after planting a bag in Stefan’s house to frame his older two brothers.

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    Although he had been framed, Jamie gave a false confession and claimed the bag was his, as he didn’t want his other brother Aaron Tovell (Hope Ikpoku Jnr) associated with anything gang-affiliated.

    Thankfully, Jamie was able to be released after Dushane showed him footage of Ats setting him up.

    However, the only way he would hand it to the police would be if Jamie surrendered his power and joined Dushane’s crew.

    While he agreed to do so and spent most of the season in Spain and Morocco sorting business for Dushane, Sully (Kano) wasn’t happy about the new member.

    Taking to Reddit, user Glitchslip shared: “He’s going to avenge Jamie and prolly make moves in summerhouse.”

    Another fan, Acceptable_Ad 3173 agreed: “Stef is ready, he has vengeance in him when he saw Sully so I think he will take over as the new protagonist for top boy next season, I don’t know what’s gonna happens for Aaron but it is Stef’s time to shine.”

    Jamie’s death could undoubtedly be the final nail in the coffin for Stef and turn him into a murderer.

    Although Jamie had warned him to stay away from the life of crime, it’s likely the teenager could round up his older brother’s criminal friends to form a gang.

    Stefan already had minor knowledge of drug dealing as he had accompanied Ats to Manchester with a package to another gang.

    Aaron was less likely to avenge his brother’s death as he was focused on his degree and moving out for a better life away from crime.

    Stefan’s also found a newfound friend in Tia, who was into illegal things. In fact, she had passed Sully after he killed Jamie and she was on her way to their house.

    This could lead to the friends finding Sully and then using the backing of Jamie’s friends to kill him, in the upcoming season of Top Boy.

    Top Boy is available on Netflix.

    Published at Thu, 31 Mar 2022 04:53:39 +0000

    Top Boy theory: Stef to take over as ‘top boy’ from Jamie as fans tip revenge twist