University Challenge viewers distracted by player’s appearance ‘Could have changed’


    The second phase of the quarter-finals took place on BBC Two on Monday evening, with King’s College playing against the University of Birmingham for their place in the semi-final. However, as longstanding host Jeremy Paxman introduced the two teams, many viewers took to social media to comment on King’s College captain Atyab Rashid’s distracting choice of outfit. Some went as far as to say he “could have changed” before coming on the show. 

    With an average age of 23 years old, Rashid introduced himself alongside teammates Ananth Sathyanath, Rachel Bedwin and Oliver Beard.

    After they introduced themselves, Paxman said: “Let’s not bother with the rules because you all know them now better than I do. So let’s get on with it.” 

    Rashid, who’s studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, was quick on the buzzer which enabled his team to storm ahead to an early lead. 

    However, BBC Two viewers were left distracted by the player’s white v-neck jumper. 

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    Kevin G Conroy tweeted: “[If] Rashid was playing cricket before he could have changed. #UniversityChallenge”

    Xyroplex added: “Rashid clearly thought he was off to Lords and not going on #universitychallenge.” 

    Sarah commented: “Silky-voiced Rashid rocking the ‘just come off the cricket pitch’ look #universitychallenge.” 

    Many viewers were fans of the confident team leader’s attire, Bobby Seagull adding: “When you have #UniversityChallenge at 8.30, a cricket match at 9 and then hosting a masterclass for voiceovers at 10. Oh we’ve missed you King’s Rashid.” (sic)

    However, King’s College soon overtook the other team in the final round of the evening and they ended on an impressive score of 140. 

    Signing off the show, Paxman was quick to congratulate Rashid and King’s for their efforts, as well as his commiserations for Birmingham. 

    He said: “King’s College have a score of 140, whereas Birmingham I am very sadly going to have to say goodbye to you as we’ve had you twice. 

    “King’s, you’ve got to win next time if you’re going to stay in this contest. 

    “Thanks very much for joining us, I hope you look forward to joining us with another quarter-final match. 

    “But until then, it’s goodbye from Birmingham University and goodbye from King’s College London and it’s goodbye from me.” 

    Paxman will be returning next week to which other universities will make it through to the semi-final of the brainteasing show. 

    University Challenge continues Mondays at 8.30pm BBC Two. 

    Published at Mon, 07 Feb 2022 22:17:23 +0000

    University Challenge viewers distracted by player’s appearance ‘Could have changed’


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