Unveiling the Secrets with Michelle L Andrie: How to Stop Being a Tight Ass to Release Low Back Pain


In a world dominated by quick fixes and instant solutions, Michelle Andrie stands out as a beacon of hope for those grappling with the persistent agony of low back pain. An intriguing blend of science, self-discovery, and a touch of humor, Michelle’s journey from a tight ass control freak with 15 years of chronic pain to a pain-free advocate is as inspiring as it is enlightening.

“I’m a recovering tight-ass control freak,” Michelle quips with a smile, instantly disarming any preconceived notions about the seriousness of her subject matter. The crux of her message lies in the fascinating connection between our emotional states and the intricate network of muscles and fascia, particularly the piriformis muscle lurking beneath our glutes.

As Michelle delves into the scientific intricacies, she guides us through the fascinating realization that the brain has a unique presence in our buttocks – the butt brain. “Loosen up your butt cheeks and bear with me,” she playfully advises, creating an atmosphere of openness and receptivity.

The piriformis muscle, Michelle explains, acts as the control center for our body, responding to signals from the brain when we desire a change, either internally or externally. It’s this intricate dance between the brain and the piriformis, facilitated by the fascia, that often leads to the tightness causing lower back pain.

With a touch of humor, Michelle likens the contraction of the piriformis to a caboose ramming into the back of a train, but in this real-life scenario, there’s no cartoon-like bounce back. Instead, it results in pain, and individuals might find themselves seeking medical help, only to be diagnosed with conditions like herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, or sciatica.

Michelle’s odyssey through various traditional treatments, from painkillers to injections and physical therapy, mirrors the struggles many endure. Rejecting the prospect of low back surgery due to its limited success rate, she embarked on a holistic exploration, trying everything from chiropractic care to psychotherapy. Yet, the elusive relief remained just out of reach.

The turning point in Michelle’s journey came when she ventured into the realm of the energy body, discovering that her piriformis was the key to unlocking her low back pain. Acknowledging her status as a tight-ass control freak, she experimented with unconventional methods, including rolling a ball in her buttocks and incorporating yoga stretches and strengthening exercises.

“I discovered my butt brain,” she shares with a chuckle, recounting the moment when her quest for relief took a tangible turn. By relinquishing control and allowing the piriformis to release its grip, Michelle experienced a profound transformation, achieving a pain-free existence.

In her pursuit of healing, Michelle developed a comprehensive system, the Whole Body Butt Brain System, which she tested on herself and later shared with her clients. The results were transformative, with countless individuals experiencing genuine relief from their lower back pain. 

Two decades later, Michelle remains steadfast in her mission to empower people with the knowledge that natural, sustainable relief is within their grasp – all they have to do is let go of control and stop being a tight ass.

Michelle’s story is not just a testament to overcoming physical pain; it’s a celebration of the intricate mind-body connection and the power of self-discovery. As she continues her mission to spread the message of hope, it’s clear that Michelle Andrie is not just a healer; she’s a guide, showing us that the path to liberation from low back pain begins with embracing our true selves and releasing our tight butt cheeks.