Valorant Night Market time – When is the next Night Market? New 2021 dates


    The Valorant Night Market return is scheduled to within the next 24-hours, with gamers finding out through an official confirmation.

    The news has been shared online by Riot Games as part of a bumper day of announcements for the game.

    And if everything happens like is being predicted, the Valorant Night Market time in North America will happen on Wednesday, June 2.

    For gamers in the UK, the Night Market is expected to return around the same time; however, it might not drop until the early hours of June 3.

    The Valorant Night Market update time is expected to happen between 11pm BST and 1am BST (June 2 – June 3).

    Riot Games is expected to share the return of the Night Market via its social media platforms, meaning gamers shouldn’t miss out.

    As many gamers will already know, the Valorant Night Market is a randomly occurring event that offers a rotating store of cosmetic items.

    Different gun skins are offered each time, usually at discounted prices, with around six or seven different designs each time.

    There is no way of knowing what will be included beforehand, but we do know that the Night Market is usually available for around 32 days.

    The Valorant Night Market is located in the top right corner of the game’s opening screen and usually sparkles to make it easy to spot.

    The return of the Night Market is usually a news highlight for Valorant between new Seasons and content drops.

    However, this week has seen Riot Games announce several new expansions for the hit PC game.

    Riot Games has also announced that 50% of the proceeds from weapon skins and 100% from accessories in the Give Back Bundle, will go towards the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, in partnership with Impact Assets.

    A new event pass is also dropping, with Riot Games telling fans today: “Even though it’s technically our birthday, there’s another gift to you: the YR1 Event Pass—free for everyone.

    “No prerequisites, no VP spend, just 7 levels of exclusive YR1 items like the Episode 3 Player Card, a Gun Buddy, and more. Just play VALORANT, earn XP, and unlock.”

    Adding: “Each of our global VALORANT regions will vote for a unique item like Sprays, Gun Buddies, and titles that best reflect their local region. The VALORANT dev team will review the top vote earners, with select items to appear in a future Community-powered Battlepass in Episode 4.”

    Published at Wed, 02 Jun 2021 17:20:36 +0000

    Valorant Night Market time – When is the next Night Market? New 2021 dates


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