Vikings' Torvi star admits she's 'forgotten' how to do accent in swipe at fan questions


    The sixth season of Vikings wrapped up last year and brought the journey of Torvi (played by Georgia Hirst) and her husband Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) to a poignant end. Several months after the final episodes were released on Amazon Prime Video, the series’ long-running star Georgia Hirst has taken to TikTok to share some surprising insight into her time as the shield-maiden.

    British actress Georgia Hirst has admitted she no longer remembers her Scandinavian accent used throughout her tenure as the shield-maiden Torvi.

    The daughter of Vikings’ showrunner, Michael Hirst, Georgia featured in 63 episodes across five seasons of the popular historical series.

    She was eventually made a member of the main cast in season six, which brought the epic series to an earth-shattering close at the end of last year.

    Despite starring as Torvi for around six years of her life, Hirst made the surprising confession that she’s forgotten her character’s accent in a recent TikTok.

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    The star revealed that it’s been some time since she’s been on the set of the series, and therefore hasn’t kept up the habit of practicing the accent.

    Hirst took to her social media page with a clip of herself miming along to the lyric ‘don’t talk to me’ from Playboi Carti’s Punk Monk.

    She captioned the video: “When I meet Vikings fans in public and they ask me to do the accent :(.’

    The Vikings star then looked frustrated as she admitted she’s no longer able to accurately portray Torvi’s dulcet tones.

    Now Georgia Hirst has reached the post-Vikings stage of her career, it seems she no longer feels the need to keep up her accent skills, much to the disappointment of some fans.

    However, down in the comments, Hirst suggested she might be willing to learn the accent again for future videos.

    One of her followers asked: “Can you do a video with your real voice and Torvi’s voice?”

    Adding a laughing emoji, she responded: “Yes I’m going to do some videos in character.”

    As Hirst has only just signed up to the social media platform, other fans were thrilled to find Torvi herself posting updates on TikTok.

    Another fan replied: “You were the reason I stuck the show out. You are amazing and I hope to see you in more shows.”

    Thankfully, Hirst’s other posts have confirmed she has just emerged from self-isolation, so fans could expect to see the former Vikings star in some more projects very soon.

    Vikings seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

    Published at Mon, 21 Jun 2021 03:10:00 +0000

    Vikings' Torvi star admits she's 'forgotten' how to do accent in swipe at fan questions