Virtual reality will bring historic events to life for schools


Inspired Education Group – a global educational leader – is about to pilot VR and Metaverse technology on several of their sites across the world.

The trial is in operation in King’s InterHigh, which is an online educational facility, along with St. Louis School in Milan. The pilot’s early success has led to plans for a further roll-out in the near future, across more Inspired sites around the world.

The aim is to utilise VR and Metaverse technology to enhance student learning experiences. 

The notable events from the past and animals long gone can be brought to life helping learners in their education as words on a page never can. These immersive experiences can then be complemented through classroom discussions and other real-world activities, creating a hybrid educational environment.

Inspired said its VR/Metaverse pilot is about to entirely transform how students around the world learn and interact with materials.

Nadim M Nsouli, chairman and ceo of Inspired, said: “During the pandemic we successfully ensured that students did not miss a day of learning through continuing education online. We believe that online and VR technology enhances the education we provide, and that hybrid learning is here to stay.”

We will continue to embrace new technologies to stretch and strengthen the learning experience for our students.”

Inspired has 70 schools, across five continents, teaching 55,000 students.

Published at Tue, 29 Mar 2022 23:01:00 +0000

Virtual reality will bring historic events to life for schools


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