Watch Dogs Legion REVIEWS: Is this the best Ubisoft open-world action game yet?


Watch Dogs Legion REVIEWS: Is this the best Ubisoft open-world action game yet?

The Watch Dogs Legion release date is almost upon us on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Launching on October 29, the open-world hacking game shifts the action to London, where players can recruit an army made up of anybody and everybody.

“Build a resistance from virtually anyone you see as you hack, infiltrate, and fight to take back a near-future London that is facing its downfall,” reads the official description. “Welcome to the Resistance.

“Recruit and play as anyone in the city. Everyone you see has a unique backstory, personality, and skill set. Hack armed drones, deploy spider-bots, and take down enemies using an Augmented Reality Cloak.

“Explore a massive urban open world featuring London’s many iconic landmarks and fun side activities. Take your recruits online and team up with your friends as you complete missions and challenging endgame content.”

With the original Watch Dogs failing to live up to the hype, can Ubisoft make amends with the London-based sequel?

Check out the Watch Dogs Legion review scores to find out.

Gamespot – 8/10: “Watch Dogs: Legion is an anti-fascist game, and it’s admirable that it sticks to that message and sees it through to a satisfying and affirming conclusion. It also bolsters the franchise’s clever hacking gameplay to offer more creativity than ever.

“One of Legion’s more profound messages is about what it means to be a true Londoner, and by the game’s end, you’ll have a DedSec crew made of wildly diverse and disparate citizens from unique cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds – all united in their goal to restore their home.

“If anything, that’s as powerful a message for the game as you can get.”

IGN – 8/10: “Watch Dogs Legion takes Ubisoft’s open-world hacker series in an interesting new direction by letting you swap between the inhabitants of a near-future London almost at will.

“There’s enough variety in the way different characters play to make that a good tradeoff for not having one traditionally progressing character with a fleshed-out personality, and playing with permadeath enabled ratchets up the tension of infiltrating heavily guarded areas.

“On top of that, the map is detailed and loaded with environmental puzzles to solve with a little help from your drones. Legion is technically a little rough, but its sandbox-style approach is a good idea that sets Watch Dogs’ moment-to-moment gameplay even further apart from the GTA series.”

Gamingbolt – 9/10: “Watch Dogs: Legion is definitely the best game in the series so far- and dare I say, one of the most engaging and inventive open world games I have played in years.

“Its play as anyone mechanic is genius in its premise and impressive in its execution, hiding a ridiculous amount of depth that you can get lost in for dozens of hours. In stark contrast to how this series started out, Watch Dogs: Legion doesn’t just make grand and ambitious promises- it actually lives up to them.”

GameInformer – 9/10: “Legion feels like the realisation of the hacker fantasy the first Watch Dogs tried to capture.

“Between the fun team-building, fantastic mission design, strong narrative, and a gorgeous world, everything comes together in a largely entertaining and cohesive package. Whether you’re controlling a trained super spy or a gassy grandmother, Watch Dogs: Legion is a ton of fun.”

Metro – 6/10: “It’s good to see any game, especially one from Ubisoft, address such issues but Legion does it in such a superficial and charmless manner it never really registers. Legion is obviously similar to previous Watch Dogs games but its bland competence also reminded us of Days Gone, with characters that are never changed by anything that happens to them and gameplay so derivative and repetitive you can almost play it on autopilot.

“Where the series goes next is impossible to tell until Legion’s public reception becomes clear but we hope that whatever city it fixates on next time it’s used as something more than just a new backdrop to the same old gameplay.”

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