WhatsApp new feature will hide your Last Seen status from certain contacts


WhatsApp has a number of status features which helps your contacts keep track of how often you use the chat app and how active you are. The online status indicator, as well as the ticks that appear on messages all give your friends and family signs that show how often you are on WhatsApp. For whatever reason, you may want to limit some of this information – with WhatsApp so far giving varying levels of options over how much information you can share with your contacts or not.

Up until now, if you want to tweak who sees your Last Seen information you could either let everyone see this, just your contacts or nobody.

But it’s now emerged that WhatsApp is bolstering this feature, and letting WhatsApp users block certain contacts from seeing your Last Seen status.

This inbound feature was spotted by the cyber slueths at WhatsApp-centric website WABeta Info.

The upcoming feature was seen in the latest beta build of WhatsApp. So far, the new setting is only available for WhatsApp testers on iOS and Android.

But if the feature does end up getting pushed out to the stable channel then you’ll be able to access it by heading to the settings section of the WhatsApp app and then going through to Account and then Privacy.

You will then have to click on Last Seen and then choose My Contacts Except and select the contacts you want to block from seeing this information.

WhatsApp is also expected to rollout a similar feature for Profile Pictures which will let you block certain contacts from seeing this image.

In the build of WhatsApp that’s available to the general public right now, the Meta app also lets you block certain contacts from adding you to groups and seeing your Status.

You can also choose to only let specific contacts see your online Status if you’d rather it approach it that way.

Published at Sun, 17 Apr 2022 14:51:54 +0000

WhatsApp new feature will hide your Last Seen status from certain contacts


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