Why your bad broadband could break Windows 11, new leak reveals


Microsoft is due to hold a glitzy event tomorrow where it has promised to announce the “next generation of Windows”. The only problem is that the secretive new update leaked online last week. Dubbed Windows 11, the refreshed operating system looks to be a substantial redesign with soft rounded corners on every window, a new Start Menu that launches in the middle of the screen, overhauled icons for every application and setting, the list continues…

Unfortunately for Microsoft, as well as ruining the surprise during its event, the leaked design didn’t go down all that well with users.

And there’s more bad news.

Microsoft-focused blog Neowin has revealed that you’ll need to be connected to an internet connection to set-up your desktop PC or laptop. While Microsoft has long tried to push every Windows 10 user to create a Microsoft Account, which requires an active internet connection, there was a workaround.

Pulling out the ethernet cable from your device revealed an “I don’t have internet” option that let you plough on ahead with the rest of the set-up.

However, when setting up a new installation of Windows 11 Home, there is no “I don’t have internet” option to create a limited local-only account. Neowin has tried multiple times to get this time-tested trick to work with the leaked version of Windows 11, but no luck. What’s more concerning is that the “Sign In Options” menu doesn’t even contain the option for an “Offline Account”.

This option can be found in the same menu on Windows 11 Pro. That could mean that – since these versions of Windows 11 aren’t quite finished – the option will be coming soon to Windows 11 Home. However, it might suggest that Microsoft is happy to allow those paying for the Windows 11 Pro installation the option to work without an active internet connection while those on Windows 11 Home, which should include more users, are left with an obligation to sign in or create a Microsoft account.

Since you’ll need an internet connection to get moving, you’ll need to make sure your broadband is stable, the room where you’re setting up the desktop PC has a strong Wi-Fi signal, or that you’re not planning to launch the laptop while on the train or elsewhere without a connection.

Of course, a number of portable PCs now include a SIM to connect to 4G and 5G mobile data connections, which makes staying online a little easier.

Published at Wed, 23 Jun 2021 17:53:49 +0000

Why your bad broadband could break Windows 11, new leak reveals


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