William Richardson shares his tips for weight loss and encourages people to take action

William Richardson
William Richardson. Photo Courtesy of William Richardson.

Fitness coach, trainer, and social influencer William Richardson has shared his tips for weight loss. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the recap.

In a post on social media, he noted that weight loss is simple and that involves being in a calorie deficit. “You will be hungry, and you might not track accurately and gain weight. That creamer, oil, sauces, 200+ calories guessed wrong on a scoop of peanut butter adds up,” he acknowledged.

“You will lose weight in a calorie deficit, so if you’re not losing weight, you’re not in a deficit or you’re not tracking your food accurately or misjudged your maintenance,” he admitted.

“To optimize weight loss and have a better body composition for that weight loss: A calorie deficit, proper macros, and weight training is essential,” he added.

Richardson underscored that it is essential to “take action.” “By not taking action you’re holding yourself from the health and fitness you’ve always wanted,” he explained, prior to noting that once he implemented this for his clients, everything changed from a physical and mental standpoint.

Also, he stated that “you don’t have to cut out carbs or any food group to lose fat…” “To make it simple: calories will be the dictator whether you gain or lose weight,” he said. “Protein is to build and sustain muscle, fat is to regulate hormones, brain function, and skin health, while carbs are extra source of energy and they boost performance.”

He had also opened up about success. “We all want to be massively successful. We all want success. Anything I’ve had success, it wasn’t because I had a goal. It was because I had a plan that would lead to the goal. Focusing on tasks for improvement and improving my plan got to far better results than focusing on the actual goal,” Richardson explained.

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