Wordle for movie fans – Framed is the daily knowledge game for film buffs


    Wordle has become one of the staples of the internet, at this point. The daily thesaurus-scratcher, which is now owned by The New York Times, is part of the morning routines of people all over the world (including me!).

    But if you are more into your movies than your grammar, there is a new game for you.


    Framed has been running for 13 days at this point, and shows gamers just one screen from an infinite number of films.

    Players who think they know the answer will then be given the chance to type in the name of the movie.

    If you get it correct – congratulations! If it’s wrong – don’t worry! A new screenshot from the same movie is shown, giving yet another chance to get it right.

    Otherwise, if the player needs another hint, they can hit the skip button, pushing them along to the next screen.

    Players will have six chances to guess the correct film, or else be left in shame.

    You can start playing Framed HERE.

    If you want to get some hints for today’s game, scroll down.

    CLUE 1

    The first shot shows the back of a man in the woods.

    It isn’t immediately obvious who this actor is, nor what kind of time period he is in.

    There’s something awfully magical about his surroundings – but what does it mean?

    CLUE 2

    This is the iconic David Bowie playing a legendary real-life scientist.

    Although the British pop superstar was best known for his enormous hits – such as Star Man, Let’s Dance and Life on Mars – he also did a lot of acting.

    This was one of Bowie’s final acting appearances that came just ten years before his untimely death.

    CLUE 3

    This certainly could have been a better clue, am I right?

    Players have been given a glimpse into what looks like a dramatic courtroom.

    Who is on trial? What is their crime? Has somebody been wronged?

    This may be more important to figuring out the movie than you might think.

    CLUE 4

    This shot shows the actor from clue one now revealed – if you know your cinema.

    This British star is tinkering away at something unseen while in an elaborate workshop.

    Vices and concoctions can be seen surrounding him, and in the background, a figure looms.

    This unseen person is wearing a bowler hat and has some darker features on his face. But do the two characters look similar?

    CLUE 5

    This is a Marvel superstar who fans might know from the Black Widow film.

    The usually red-headed actress is now in her natural blonde, in a gown that looks especially period-centric.

    Could the star be a love interest to one of the protagonists?


    A large machination is being carried by horse and cart to an unknown destination in the dead of night.

    The director of this film certainly enjoys creating brash and subtle environments in Dark Knights.

    Where is this contraption going to? Is this whole ordeal a secret? Will it ever be used again?

    By now you should have figured out exactly what the film is – but no worries if you didn’t; there’s always tomorrow!

    Play Framed here.

    Published at Thu, 24 Mar 2022 09:15:00 +0000

    Wordle for movie fans – Framed is the daily knowledge game for film buffs