Xbox Game Pass fans get release date update for huge Xbox exclusive


    Xbox Game Pass subscribers have some huge games to look forward to this year, with big name exclusives such as Starfield and Redfall heading to the Xbox Series X and S in 2022. But there are plenty of other major Xbox exclusives that have been revealed which don’t have a Game Pass release date yet, such as Hellblade 2, Perfect Dark, Forza Motorsport and Everwild. And as Xbox fans wait for official confirmation from Microsoft on when these titles will launch they could have found out when another high-profile exclusive will be heading to Game Pass.

    That game is Avowed, the new RPG in the works for Xbox Series X and S from Obsidian, the makers of The Outer Worlds.

    Avowed was first announced during the jam-packed July 2021 Xbox Game Showcase but since then gamers looking forward to the Skyrim-style adventure haven’t received any major updates on it.

    However, that could all be about to change this year with notable Xbox insider Jez Corden saying more on Avowed could get revealed this year ahead of a Q1 or Q2 2023 release date.

    The Windows Central gaming editor, who is one of the few people to get an early glimpse of Avowed, also revealed the game’s potential release date during an appearance on YouTuber Boxenberger’s channel.

    During a discussion about Avowed Corden said: “I think we’ll probably see the game revealed this year and then maybe a launch [in] quarter one, quarter two 2023 maybe. But yeah I was super impressed with it, you can really see Obsidian getting to that next level with Microsoft’s money, all the hiring they’ve been doing. It looked like it was going to be a stronger game than The Outer Worlds was.”

    Elsewhere in the video, Corden said the slice of the game he saw from April or May looked “pretty damn great, playable and ready to go”, and that it was looking “very very gorgeous”.

    Corden also said that he was expecting a similar scope game to The Outer Worlds, and that it would be boast a stylished graphical look like The Outer Worlds.

    If Avowed is launching next year then we could get an update on it at E3 2022, which is only a few months away now.

    Once again E3 2022 will be an online-only event, and last time around Microsoft arguably had their strongest presentation at the expo for a long time.

    The Xbox team’s E3 2021 showcase featured Starfield, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Psychonauts 2, The Outer Worlds 2, Redfall, Contraband and more.

    Published at Thu, 24 Feb 2022 19:57:48 +0000

    Xbox Game Pass fans get release date update for huge Xbox exclusive


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