10 Parenting Tips You Will Only Learn From A Life Coach


You Need An Accountability System

We all have basic human needs and understanding these needs are important factors that will help you become a good parent. A strategic life coach teaches you to understand each need to help you become the best parent you can be. Erin Hansen provides personalized strategies for each family. This will save parents a lot of time from reading tons of books that don’t even apply to them. She also makes certain that both spouses are on the same page on raising their children. 

Understand The Basic Human Needs

These are the 6 essential human needs: certainty, variety, significance, connection or love, growth, and contribution. As parents, you must be aware of each of these needs because many of the conflicts we have with our children are due to our needs not being fulfilled.

You want to avoid pain and enjoy pleasure, thus you need certainty. If this is your primary need, you must be secure about the future. To live a life of certainty, you must maintain the status quo, which is impossible. As a result, you try to control your environment by changing your expectations or avoiding unexpected events or people. This method gives you the certainty that your decisions will either improve your mood or make you feel worse, which satisfies the basic human need for certainty.

The need for variety, on the other hand, indicates that you want to learn new things and are open to new experiences. Those who regard this as their most basic human need may go to extremes to satisfy it. To acquire what they want, they take enormous risks. If one of your top six human needs is variety, you will not be afraid to try new things or be exposed to different environments or people.

Our need for significance is always present. It implies that we must feel distinct and significant. It denotes a need to be noticed and heard. What you believe identifies you from the rest of the world is how you interpret your significance. You will feel a sense of belonging and affirmation if you are recognized. Apart from human behavior, recognition is a major driving force since it provides us with a means of evaluating and analyzing our significance.

Stay Connected With Your Family

Other needs such as connection and love, growth, and contribution also manifest in everyone. It’s a must to establish our relationship with our family because the need for love must be fulfilled inside our home, or else, our kids will look for it in other things or people which might be bad for them. Parents must be always available for their kids especially when they are in the stage of adolescence because this is when they need guidance the most. 

Guidance Through Academics

Being academically involved with our kids is also crucial. Even when we don’t completely understand their school works, we can help them by teaching them to collaborate with their teachers. This way, you teach them something they can absolutely use when they face real-life situations rather than just teaching them common core math. Establishing a connection with their teachers can also help you understand their academic needs.

Encourage Your Kids to Discover Their Passion And Purpose 

Many parents unknowingly exert pressure on their children to achieve certain grades, social prestige, or other objectives. This has a lot to do with the intense battle for college acceptance and what parents believe adult success looks like, whether it’s in terms of education or career choice. What parents don’t realize is that the pressure they put on their children 10+ years before they reach adulthood is having an impact on them. Parental support during adolescence must take on a different shape. Academic success should not be judged; rather, their ability to learn and relearn, communicate and engage with their educators and parents, and discover an interest in things outside of school that gives them confidence should be assessed.

Parents Need To Take A Break

As a parent, you must take a break too. This does not always imply that we should ignore our children for a long period of time. It may also mean taking a deep breath or transitioning, specifically when coming from work. Before engaging with our children and making ourselves available to them for the rest of the day, it’s important to exhale all of our stress, emotions, and anxiety, as well as all of the weight we’re carrying, and to relax for a moment.

Dealing With Adolescence Stage

Because of the generation gap, It is common that parents and teenagers are disconnected. During our adolescence, we explore our interests whether it’s sports, music, or other activities. The turmoil this time impacts so much of the teens’ identity and most parents are just thinking that when their kids get older they’ll just come to their senses and go back to them being their usual kids. If you have a parent coach,  you can have a choice not to just wait it out until your kid overcomes adolescence but to constantly connect with them and be the one who teaches them that life will always have challenges but it doesn’t have to be so horrible if the family stays connected with each other.

You Can Overcome Your Frustrations As Parents

Things like raising children and meeting your need for stability and consistency usually arise, causing parents to become overly stressed and frustrated. Because children look up to their parents as role models, being grounded in front of them is necessary. Parents’ frustrations are common but don’t worry, you’re not alone. What is wrong is when you, as a parent, allow yourself to battle without asking for help. When you work with a life coach, you’ll have someone to rely on when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. It is important that you have someone to encourage you during these trying times.

Don’t Put Pressure On Your Kids For Success

Parents often force their children to “work hard and earn a degree,” but this should be avoided. Let them evaluate their skills, make their own, and choose what they want to do with their lives instead. This will help your child gain the confidence he or she needs to succeed and see his or her unique strengths and flexibility. Scholars will follow because, once they have found their love, they will naturally succeed in their work.

Do Not Let Fear of Failure Stop You from getting expert help

You may have doubts, because of fear, embarrassment, or even your spouse does not trust obtaining help from a parent coach or expert. But all these factors will simply prevent the harmonious relationship you seek from your family. If money is a problem, think about it, you will never get back the time you remember with your children. What is more important than your family? You can always get your money back.

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