Actress Esta TerBlanche talks about her latest projects, recalls working with Cameron Mathison

Esta TerBlanche
Esta TerBlanche. Photo Credit: Alexa Ellis

Actress Esta TerBlanche chatted with True Hollywood Talk’s Markos Papadatos about her latest projects, and she recalled working with Cameron Mathison on “All My Children.”

What do your plans for the future include? (any projects that you are currently working on).       

Hi, and thank you for affording me this opportunity to share with you one of my latest projects that I am involved with, that lies close to my heart. Well, I am currently setting up a charitable Foundation here in Southern California.         

The main focus area is to reach out a hand to assist cancer patients through awareness and financial contribution with their treatment and procedures. The uniqueness of this project lies in engaging celebrity involvement through Live as well as Virtual Events.              

We have the support of the South African Foundation who has been operating successfully for the past three years and who is supported by some of the best actors, actresses and musicians in South Africa.

What was it like working on “All My Children” with Cameron Mathison?  

Working with Cameron was one of the biggest Blessings in my life. I was fairly new to the US and very new to New York. He came from Toronto and I felt a bit of a bond with him because he was also a “Foreigner”. He became extremely protective over me and I always felt like he was listening and paying attention to two people. For him. And for me.

He become extremely good at sensing when I had no idea what something meant or if said something wrong (English is my second language). He would help and correct me in the sweetest way that I would most of the time burst out laughing. Which off course led to us laughing a whole lot. Cameron is smart, kind and was just a great friend to have. Looking back I almost feel like I was so unaware of the acting and business side of it all…I just felt like a kid playing every day. And I loved it. And perhaps that was part of Ryan and Gillian’s charm. We loved going to work and hanging out with each other. 

How does it feel to be an actress in the digital age?  

These recent Lockdowns had been so impactful in many ways for our industry not only here in California, but also globally. Many organizations and professionals had to reconsider what the new normal would look like to them and their everyday life in an online world. Many lost families, friends, and loved ones during these challenging times, but it is easy to forget that at the height of the world’s uncertainty, a new era was born – A digital-first era. 

It is in these impactful moments that our destinies are shaped. We have such incredible technologies, innovations, and brilliant people making this new world available to us. What a Gift! I am truly Blessed to participate and be partnered with some of the best in the industry. We focus on incorporating all the digital capabilities like live streaming, online platforms and data-driven strategies to add much more value to people’s lives than ever before. Questioning the status quo and changing the industry as we know it! Definitely a very exciting time for all actors and professionals in the industry! We now act locally but reach globally

What is your advice for young and aspiring actors?

Make sure it is truly your passion and what you really want to do in life. Then don’t give up. Believe no one if it’s not in congruency with what you want. People mostly speak their fears. Very few people are brave enough to speak hope. Recognize those. And listen to them.  

What does the word success mean to you?

People normally answer this universal question with a well-rehearsed answer.  Prefer the simple truth. Being successful to me is about balancing all spheres of life. Finding your true self and pursuing your dreams without hesitation while you have the love of your life and financial independence. And to complete the circle, have a network of loving friends and family and a dose of determined individuals pushing you to become a better You. And a lot of Animals!  That to me is a meaningful Life.

What inspires you? 

My boyfriend, talent, music, synchronicity. Miracles. Animals. Family. Movies. Vacations.

What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the greatest and I love you!


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