Be Empowered Before You Expire & Live Your Life To The Fullest


Be Empowered Before You Expire & Live Your Life To The Fullest

It’s funny how sometimes adults are like toddlers who hold onto their comfort zone despite the dissatisfaction we face. Many people predominantly thrive in their solace. And yes, taking risks can be scary with the uncertainty that comes with it. More so, fear of failure, loss, and fear of social detachment. The ultimate goal for every human is happiness, and this is the dilemma as people find joy in different ways. No one wants to distract their happiness. 

You may think of it that way, but the pain in life is inevitable. It takes pain to experience the gain you’ve desired fully, and with growth comes complete happiness. Many find comfort in a 9-5 job as there are no losses, emotional torture, nights that turn day working, and limited social life compared to entrepreneurship. Here is a question for you. Are you content with your income? Are you okay to stick by the rules, and are you achieving your life’s goal? Some individuals, deep down, want to do more with their lives and avoid wasting their professional skills in a limited space. Fear is the detacher and a block to starting that business you could fully be yourself. A distinguished entrepreneur who has undergone that phase and who initially held a high position in the corporate world helps ease the tension of starting your initiative to explore your potential fully. 

Birgit Yegülalp is the Birgit Yegülalp business owner, which offers training and coaching sessions to empower professionals to face their fear and live their life to the fullest. She believes it’s essential to live your life now before you are old and incapable of being productive. At a point, she gave an example of how her grandmother was fearful at anything, and one day told her of the two memorable moments in her life, which was traveling, having been convinced by the grandfather. This illustration shows how adventure can be exciting. 

The best thing about entrepreneurship is that you can convert your hobbies, interests, or aspirations into a money-making stream. Birgit Yegülalp knew she wanted to start her own business but with no idea of what it would be at first. Later on, she discovered a gap and wanted to help those who dwell in their fear to get productive. The benefits of entrepreneurship and the role of empowerment are as below. According to statistics by Small Business Trends, 26% start their own business to be their boss, 23% want to pursue their passion, and 19% due to an opportunity presented.

  1. Authenticity

One massive result of stepping out of your comfort zone is that you experience realness. You can explore your full potential and be you. You can set your rules, showcase your maximum potential, all these coming from deep inside. As an employee, you are bound to directions and set core values, but it’s the complete opposite of your business. 

  1. Freedom and independence

Doing what you love most gives you freedom ranging from authenticity, financial freedom, and being creative. The income is based on your hard work, as you don’t have to wait for years before getting an appraisal. In your endeavor, you often get to reward your accomplishments.

  1. Productivity

Managing business advocates for creativity, effort, and skills. When you are in that position, you are likely to do anything to see the business succeed. Getting the empowerment of letting go of your fear will drive you to a world of creativity and productivity. With these qualities, you will undoubtedly accomplish great things in life before you are old and unable to act on your desires and interests.

Furthermore, qualities instilled from being in charge of your life include optimism, deep care, living fiercely, grit, acceptance of reality, discerning nature, and courage. She does not make the change, nor will she tell you to start a business. She can only offer coaching to empower you to get off your comfort locale. Having a session with Birgit Yegülalp will prompt you to fall in love and believe in yourself, avoid excuses, strive for independence, let go of your fear, to work on your weakness, among others. If you feel like adding worth to society is your call, nothing can stop you other than your attitude. It is not easy to let go of fear, but a 7-week coaching session with Birgit Yegülalp will change your perspective. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or email her at


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