BIGO LIVE: Embracing Creativity, Friendship & Success

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We live in a world where social media platforms dominate us, but are there any platforms where you can fully showcase yourself without feeling self-conscious or insecure? As a social live streaming platform that lets users share life moments and showcase their talents over live video broadcasts, BIGO LIVE has become one of the fastest-growing social platforms in the world that promotes passion and expression.

With more than 400 million users in over 150 countries speaking 23 languages, BIGO LIVE has more than 4 million users. In the BIGO LIVE app, users can create video blogs and live streams of their activities, monetize them, and share them with others. Streaming on the platform can make you some money, as many users use the app to make some additional income, while others use it exclusively for payment. 

While live streaming, the app lets you search for nearby users, and you can get live commentary from them. Furthermore, you can find users who are live, whether they are in your area, watching popular streams, or even chatting directly with them. 

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Whether you’re looking for music, cooking, plants, comedy, or other topics, there are many options available! Users can also participate in special projects and events through panels, chat rooms, themed live streams, and more. As there are many incredible influencers and creators that showcase BIGO LIVE’s raw inventiveness, there are a few noteworthy users that are really stepping the platform’s game up.

BIGO LIVE Talent Highlight

Dwight Allen O’Neal, Host of Good Morning BIGO; Photo Courtesy of BIGO LIVE

Dwight Allen O’Neal, aka onealappeal was first introduced to the platform at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. His experience witnessing Beyoncé’s Great Renaissance, resigning from his job, and not breaking his soul led him to pursue his dream of being a talk show host right before the world shut down. After his friend suggested he start a podcast on the world-renowned app, it was destiny for him.

BIGO LIVE helped me reintroduce myself online,” Dwight explains. “At the embryonic stages of YouTube, I had a few web series and created a name for myself within the black LGBTQ+ community. However, with BIGO LIVE, I have made my return and it has been incredible.” 

Dwight’s eclectic creative style has led him to write, produce, and star in the first black gay web series, “Christopher Street TV”, and produce Bravo TV‘s “Your Husband Is Cheating on Us”. As a result, his candid self manifested a career of a lifetime, becoming one of BIGO’s most recognizable and influential stars. He currently hosts BIGO LIVE’s official morning show, “Good Morning Bigo”, which airs weekdays at 10 AM EST on ID: OfficialGMB. This ultimately led him to fulfill one of the greatest jobs he could ever imagine, and that is hosting North America’s first-ever BIGO LIVE Awards Show in Los Angeles, CA!

2022 BIGO LIVE Awards Gala

It was a night to remember on July 15th, as BIGO LIVE held its Bigo Awards Gala at the world-famous Paramount Studios. Many BIGO LIVE creators gathered for an evening of award accepting, music performances, and more. The evening started with Dwight interviewing guests on the Hollywood premiere-style red carpet, before introducing himself and previewing the night’s events in the theater.

Dwight Allen O’Neal posing on the red carpet at the 2022 BIGO LIVE Awards Gala

“My dream has always been to host,” Dwight says. “I plan on hosting a show five days a week, just like I do for BIGO LIVE. With my belief, thoughts become things, and that honestly happened. With that energy, someone saw on the BIGO LIVE content team saw that I would make a great host!” 

Sloan Bone greets a guest at the red carpet arrivals; Photo Courtesy of BIGO

Users such as GuitarGod83, Jaybies, and more posed for photos before entering the iconic Paramount Theater adorned with Hollywood lights and BIGO LIVE graphics. Many of BIGO LIVE‘s most notable broadcasters wowed the crowd, sending video messages of appreciation, along with receiving in-person awards. The energy throughout the night was passionate and unmatchable to any hype cultural event, as there was no one standing still and not having a good time. 

One of the standout performances of the night was Atlanta-based artist Zone 21, who entertained everyone with his innovative lyrics that weaved in the live streaming platform. This buzzing and groovy vibe emanating from him on stage infected the audience unstoppably. Zone21 draws inspiration from his everyday life, as he has three kids, a wife, great friends, and the experiences BIGO has given him. In addition, he feels privileged to represent BIGO at the highest level by performing for the 2022 BIGO LIVE Awards.

Zone21 performing at the BIGO LIVE Awards Gala; Photo Courtesy of BIGO

“I talk a lot about BIGO and my son, so my family is where all my inspiration comes from,” Zone21 explains. “I love performing and I know I love making music, so at this point, it’s like let me make sure I look at this part and make sure it sounds greatI want it to look perfect for the audience, so they feel how much I love it.” 

During his time as a FedEx driver, Zone 21 noticed the platform, believing it could be a good outlet for his art. As a result, BIGO LIVE has enabled him to communicate and network with individuals all over the world, which led him to start investing money and become a live host. As soon as he figured out what he needed to do, getting other people to believe it was the biggest challenge.

“When you first start something out, nobody wants to listen,” Zone21 says. “But as time progressed and I showed my skills, showcasing them eventually got easier. I took inspiration from artists such as Nas, Jay-Z’s business mindset, and everyone in the rap industry goes – I derived my identity from the R&B genre.” 

How To Find Yourself On BIGO LIVE

Choosing the right persona on the live streaming app may not be easy, since there are so many features and opportunities to get involved and discover your true passions. While you may be tackling ideas in your brain on how to present yourself on BIGO LIVE, our favorite vibrant talk host, Mr. O’Neal, says the easiest thing to do is sit with yourself and authentically be you

“Often we get stuck within an identity rut when we aren’t being ourselves,” Dwight explains. “When creating content on social media, you have to create content around things that excite you and are you. Just because something works for another broadcaster doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work for you, and vice versa. Be yourself!” 

Many big names plan to take their hobbies and passions to the next level and make a name for themselves, and BIGO LIVE is helping them do exactly that. The compassion and support shared by everyone, both virtually and in person, for other users is admirable, and that is what makes BIGO LIVE today’s hottest live streaming platform!

BIGO LIVE is going to be on top!” Dwight says. “They have unlocked the winning formula and have created an exclusive community that’s rewarding. I see BIGO LIVE being what Netflix is like to Hollywood now – they started as a DVD mailer rental service, and now, their programming receives nominations for Academy Awards every year. That being said, BIGO LIVE is creating Hollywood social media stars and influencers – just wait and see!”

“We’re going to take it to the top,” Zone21 says. “I see us hitting number one on the Billboards and receiving at least three Grammys next year. I feel like we have the music for it – all we got to do is put in the groundwork and make sure everybody else knows that we support each other. We have BIGO LIVE as a platform and its wide range, so I feel like it’s evident for us to be great, and we just have to continue to take advantage of it while supporting each other to be great.” 

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