Cannes Film Festival 2022 review

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 21, 2022:

Oh boy, where do I begin? The 2022 Cannes Film Festival was a star-studded affair, and I’m not just talking about the celestial bodies in the sky above the French Riviera. This was a year that saw the likes of Kristen Stewart, Tom Cruise, and even the man of the moment, Tom Cruise (yes, he was so important he was mentioned twice), grace the red carpet. And let’s not forget the honorary Palme d’Or winners, Forrest Whitaker, Javier Bardem, and once again, the man of the moment, Tom Cruise. I mean, if you’re not Tom Cruise, you’re probably feeling a bit left out at this point.

The festival celebrated its 75th anniversary with a bang, featuring a lineup of movies that ranged from the thought-provoking to the downright bizarre. “Triangle of Sadness,” a film by Ruben Östlund, took home the top prize, making it the third Palme d’Or for indie producer Tom Quinn and Neon. The film was praised for its satirical take on societal issues, and for giving the audience a scene that left them both horrified and delighted.

Not to be outdone, “Elvis,” the biopic about the King himself, shook up the festival with its unique portrayal of the singer’s life. The film received a standing ovation that was louder than the ones given to “Top Gun: Maverick,” proving that even in the 21st century, Elvis still has the power to get people up on their feet.

But it wasn’t just about the movies. The festival also saw the premiere of “About Dry Grasses,” a film that would go on to win Best Actor and Actress awards for Koji Yakusho and Merve Dizdar. The film, about a teacher who moves to a small village in Turkey, was praised for its poignant portrayal of human relationships.

And let’s not forget the jury, which included some of the biggest names in the industry. With the likes of Lily Gladstone, Omar Sy, and Eva Green, the jury had their work cut out for them. But in the end, they managed to come to a decision, awarding the top prizes to films that truly deserved them.

All in all, the 2022 Cannes Film Festival was a celebration of cinema, celebrity, and the power of storytelling. It was a time to come together, to laugh, to cry, and to be thoroughly entertained. And who knows, maybe in the future, we’ll see even more Tom Cruise movies taking home the top prizes. But until then, we can only wait and see what the next festival has in store. All in all I would have to say going to the Cannes film festival would be just a amaizng, European holiday and itself, but combine that with all of the amazing glamour, buzz movies and celebrities makes it one of the best events of the year!