Direct Sourcing is Critical for the Future of Work

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Direct Sourcing is Critical to the Future of Work

Direct Sourcing is an innovative talent acquisition strategy that reduces reliance on inbound applications or stagnant databases. It implements a proactive approach, generating fresh and pre-identified talent resources that are qualified, engaging, and reliable. This method enables companies to identify and engage with the talent community. The direct sourcing strategy aims to build sustainable talent engines, fostering relationships that endorse its brand in workforce management programs.   

The Workforce is Changing

The labor market is shifting to direct sourcing to keep up with the evolving workforce, and there is a growing demand for reliable and skilled workers. In the face of ongoing market volatility, organizations are looking for effective strategies to acquire and retain top talent. Direct Sourcing solutions, predicted by industry experts to emerge as a leading talent acquisition tool, serve as a sustainable engine for workforce management and play a vital role in the future of workforce management products.

Direct Sourcing is Your Business Solution 

Direct sourcing can be an excellent tool for companies looking to overcome talent shortages and manage rising expenses and recruitment costs, among other challenges. According to recent research, 60% of large companies use or expect to implement a Direct Sourcing program. Yet, a massive 40% have not considered Direct Sourcing as an option to offer up the question: what is the actual cost of not using Direct Sourcing to optimize your business? The answer is a forward-thinking solution for the workforce, offering significant financial savings and, thus, fostering optimism about the future.

Direct Sourcing creates cost savings, with 98% of businesses reporting significant cost reductions, averaging 10 -15%. It also leads to higher-quality talent and candidates, prompt hiring cycles, and a more personalized hiring experience. Moreover, it enhances brand awareness, builds stronger relationships, and promotes diversity, expanding the pool of potential candidates.

Additionally, the benefits of the Direct Sourcing tools extend to maximizing the company’s ROI. Direct Sourcing aims to attract and retain top-quality talent to help reduce the turnover rate metric. This metric can be measured to show success in achieving high conversion from temporary to permanent employees.

Learn more about how Direct Sourcing can position your brand to win with contingent talent in the infographic below:

Why Direct Sourcing Matters for the Future of Work
Source: Atrium Global