Carmen Theobald: Horse Power – Embracing Strength and Vulnerability


In a world dominated by the relentless pursuit of speed, intensity, and force, Carmen Theobald invites us to consider a different kind of power—one that is calm, grounded, and embraces vulnerability. As I sat down with Carmen, her presence exuded a quiet strength, a testament to the transformative journey she has undertaken with her four-legged companions.

“When I say horsepower, what do you think of? Speed, intensity, force. You wouldn’t be wrong,” Carmen begins, challenging conventional notions of power. “But that’s not the kind of horsepower I’m here to speak with you about.” Carmen’s journey unfolds as she delves into the world of equine therapy, revealing the profound lessons she learned from her most significant teachers—horses.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of horses. They’ve been my biggest teachers and have all helped me courageously lean into my healing,” Carmen shares. The pivotal moment that redirected her life’s course occurred during a traumatic event in college—a school shooting that forced Carmen and her classmates to hide in darkness for 45 agonizing minutes.

As the tension in the room heightened, Carmen reflected, “I truly believed I was going to die.” The relief that washed over her when a group of police officers escorted them to safety marked the beginning of Carmen’s profound introspection. “What is the truest, most important thing for me to do with this life? And do I have the courage to listen to the answer?” she questions.

This soul-searching quest led Carmen to a life path devoid of a roadmap but consistently guided by healing with horses. “The horses helped me learn to breathe, to regulate my nervous system even under pressure,” Carmen confides. Horses, with their keen sensitivity, notice the most minute and subtle shifts in the body, making them extraordinary partners in the journey of self-discovery.

“Horses don’t respond well when we’re trying to armor up,” Carmen reveals, emphasizing the importance of vulnerability. “But as soon as we lean into the vulnerability of what’s truly happening in our heart, they become more at ease.” In the symbiotic relationship between humans and horses, Carmen discovers the essence of power—the paradoxical blend of strength and vulnerability.

“As a coach and facilitator, I help others have transformational horse experiences that allow us to embody the wholeness of who we are,” Carmen explains. Her mission is clear—to guide individuals toward embracing their full selves. “Our world needs us to be our full selves, to be fully alive, to be powerful, and courageously led from the heart. And horses can help us get there.”

Carmen’s journey, shaped by the wisdom of horses, unfolds as a narrative of resilience, healing, and the discovery of authentic power. Through her coaching and facilitation, she extends an invitation to others to embark on their own transformative experiences with these majestic animals.

As Carmen delves into the intricacies of equine therapy, she unravels the layers of the human spirit. “Horses don’t respond well when we give our power away. iIn order to feel safe and deeply connected, with horses and humans, we need to be our full selves,” she emphasizes. The profound connection between vulnerability and strength becomes the cornerstone of Carmen’s approach, a philosophy that transcends the stables and finds resonance in the broader tapestry of human existence.

Carmen’s story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, demonstrating that even in the face of trauma, one can navigate a path toward healing and self-discovery. Her courage to confront the darkest corners of her past and transform that pain into purpose resonates with anyone grappling with the complexities of their journey.

In a world that often values a facade of invulnerability, Carmen Theobald stands as a testament to the transformative power of authenticity. Through her work, she encourages others to shed their metaphorical armor, embrace vulnerability, and lead courageously from the heart—a lesson she learned from the silent yet profound teachings of her equine companions. As Carmen Theobald continues to champion the cause of holistic self-discovery, she paves the way for a society that recognizes the strength in vulnerability and the power that comes from embracing our truest selves.