How Cat Howell Helps People Dive into their Divine Altar & Find Success


    What is the pathway to an abundantly successful life?
    A quick search online, especially amongst the entrepreneurial community, often reveals hustle and hard work as the solution.  

    “Sacrifice your weekends” the articles and posts will say.
    “Work evenings, buckle down /be prepared to trade off leisure and play” 

    In other words, don’t have any fun.
    This line of thinking makes a lot of sense considering that it was only two generations ago that society was plunged into a Great Depression and governments would use propaganda slogans that would say things like “if you don’t work hard, you don’t deserve to be a part of this society.”

    Our parents had this mindset passed on from their parents who then passed it down to us. 

    The masculine approach of do, action, push – in order to create cause has been the mainstream line of thinking for most of humanity, and it is only until very recently that the gears have started to shift into receiving with ease. 

    Queue magic.  

    Magic is defined as the ability to create physical change through imagination and thought alone.  

    While many would raise an eyebrow at the practice of magic, the truth is that we are already complicit magicians whether we know it or not. 

    The author of Magic Source Codes and host of Flow Protocols Cat Howell explains.  

    We imagined technology and got around to creating solutions that our ancestors would call magic. We can chat online, send money to loved ones with a click of a button or use the GPS to navigate across the globe. We have normalized technology. But our ancestors would call it magic. When you think about it, technology is magic. 

    Our ancestors used magic to alter “divine intent.” They would use shamanism, spiritism, and other tools to channel the energy of the universe for their good. Today, society has embraced aspects of alchemy such as meditation, manifestation, and vision boards. We have normalized these practices. Yet what most people don’t realize is that in ancient Babylon, these practices were considered magic. 

    Today, I help people use magic to find success. I teach them how to dive into the altar within that is their inner source, to find success. Most people dive into their divine altar by practicing meditation, practical affirmations, and vision boards. However, these practices are like the PG-13 version of what you’re really capable of. In addition to this, these practices haven’t worked for everyone, says Cat. 

    Those interested and bold enough to try and dive into their divine altar and find success can check out my workshop. During those workshops, I cover how to find freedom and fulfillment using the principles of the altar within inner alchemy. 

    There are about four to five workshops a year and they are all alchemy themed. After the workshops, you can join the coven which is where the real magic begins. Think of the coven as a masterclass where you engage with other founders and visionaries with similar visions. Human beings learn best in a community. Therefore, by joining our community, you get to delve deeper into ways to tap into your divine altar and find success. 

    Wrap Up

    Cat is a visionary changing the rhetoric around magic. Through her website, Flow Protocol podcast, and book ‘Magic Source Codes,’ she looks at magic and alchemy as helpful science. You can learn more about her work by checking her website and youtube.