Catching up with Charlie Welham: CC The Label Swim line

Charlie Welham
Charlie Welham. Photo Courtesy of Kings Cross Clothing

Charlie Welham is a jack of all trades: digital content creator, athlete, model, and performer. He is also starting a swimwear line called CC The Label Swim. He chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors.

“I just started my swimwear line,” he said. “I am still about a month away from releasing it. Hopefully, we will get someone such as Will Parfitt to wear it, that would be cool. I can’t wait to release it because I’ve always wanted to have my own line of clothing and swimwear, so I decided to give it a shot. We hope that we can get it out there really soon.”

Welham is a content creator, athlete, and model, who also performs for Magic Men Australia in Sydney. He is pursuing his mix of passion and creativity for fitness and lifestyle content whilst working with some of the world’s top brands. “Magic Men Australia has been going great. I have been doing more backup routines on the stage,” he said.

He hopes to be a part of their international tour next year, in some capacity. “It would be cool to be a part of it,” he admitted.

Back when Welham was living in the UK, he played soccer for most of his life. When he reached the age of 18, I had the opportunity to come over to Australia to play.

He started modeling in 2021 after he stopped playing soccer. When one chapter ended, a new one began for Welham. He went on to focus on his physique and his gym training, which helped him enhance his confidence as a model.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Welham said, “Launching my own brand and company.” “That would definitely be a highlight of this year,” he said. “I would love to make it a brand that is universal, where people wear it all over the world.”

A proud moment for him over the years involved him finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in Business, and subsequently using that knowledge to start his own company.

Welham also took some time to answer a few “Rapid Fire” questions.

Waffles or pancakes? Waffles
Flying or driving? Flying
City living or country living? City living
Summer or winter? Summer
Library or museum? Museum
Bath or shower? Shower
Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi
Texting or calling? Calling 100 percent
Half-full or half-empty? Half-full
Curly fries or normal fries? Normal fries
Skydiving or scuba diving? Skydiving
Indoor pool or outdoor pool? Outdoor pool
Tea or coffee? Tea, I’m English
Rain or snow? Snow
Singing or dancing? Singing Burgers or tacos? Burgers
Long course or short course? Long course
Money or fame? Money

If he were to have any superpower, he revealed that it would be “teleportation.” “Just drop me off in the Bahamas, or any nice country for that matter,” he said. “I would love to travel around the world a lot more in the next year.”

On his definition of the word success, Welham said, “living happily and doing things that he has always wanted to do.”

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