Building Trust in Home-Service Industry Takes Leadership and Honesty


You know that feeling when your auto mechanic starts speaking a different language? Things like, ‘you need a new mass flow air sensor’ and ‘your intake vacuum line needs to be replaced…’ You simply nod and tell them to fix the issues trusting they are being honest and not trying to rip you off. It’s all about honesty and building a relationship with customers. Tommy Mello knows this and embraces it – he’s just a mechanic in a different way.

Mello, owner and CEO of Phoenix-based A1 Garage Door Service, constantly works to build trust with his customers – and employees – while being a sound business steward. It seems to be working: Mello founded A1 Garage in 2007 in Phoenix and has since expanded his operation to include 19 markets around the U.S.

For instance, when the issue of whether to repair or replace a garage door arises, Mello and his team follow a precise and logical process to guide its customers through what – and what not – to do.

Sure, the easy play would be a full-on replacement of your garage door with all the bells and whistles. However, that’s not always needed or necessary. What is required though, is an honest appraisal of the pros and cons of keeping or replacing your garage door.

As a matter of A1’s ongoing and established customer-focused approach, garage door technicians do several things before recommending to repair or replace. Their inspection process is thorough and flawless, looking at the opener, the torsion system, down to the appearance and all other hardware associated with the system like the belt and chain, gears, circuit boards, sensors, and so on. No stone is left unturned!

With the right maintenance and care, many garage doors can last up to 30 years. Factors like weather, use and neglect surely come into play, but minor damage such as dented panels or basic mechanical issues usually suggest simple repairs. If the structural integrity is questioned, that poses a different set of protocols. Also, if your door isn’t doing what is supposed to: functioning properly on a regular basis; adding value to your home and keeping our outside elements (weather, critters) it’s time to reassess.

This is where Mello and his team spring into action and offer their best – and honest guidance for the homeowner. A1 provides detailed and comprehensive maintenance consultation to keep your garage door operating efficiently and looking great.

Their track record of amazing results proves their dedication to making happy customers beyond the shadow of a doubt. Between peerless repairs and close work with consumers, A1 has been established as not only a great brand, but a human one that customers can feel comfortable placing their trust in.

On top of this, Mello has prioritized building trust with his employees as well by listening to their needs and dreams while providing them with the tools and resources they need to grow and find happiness at work and at home. This is especially so after hiring a “dream manager,” who works with employees to fulfill their personal and professional goals.

Happy people make strong employees, and strong employees make happy customers. Trust, honesty, and dedication to leadership: these are the keys to Mello’s success. What’s more, they are the keys to building a thriving business no matter what industry you’re in.