Meet JB Owen: the Global Empowerment Publisher Working to Ignite Lives and Impact Humanity Through Authentic Storytelling

Photo by Kersti Niglas

JB Owen is moving the needle on Igniting Humanity through her work with her company Ignite Publishing™. Using powerful storytelling and impactful, heart-felt innovation, JB is transcending barriers and bringing people together in a way that builds connection on a global scale.

JB believes that Igniting Humanity all starts with understanding one another. The most powerful vessel for true, soul-to-soul understanding is storytelling. When people open their hearts and minds to the challenges, triumphs, obstacles, and wisdom of what other people have experienced, we all come to understand that we’re more alike than we think. This is the idea that fuels Ignite Humanity and all of the authentic, inspiring stories of authors JB publishes at Ignite Publishing™.

JB Owen shares, “Every person on this planet deserves to be seen and heard for who they truly are. Stories have the power to transcend race, creed, gender, class, and any other barriers that stop us from connecting with each other.”

How JB Owen Discovered the Power of Storytelling

After years of just producing products and publishing books for private clients, Ignite Publishing™ was manifested by founder JB Owen to make the journey of becoming an author, influencer, visionary, motivator, and teacher through writing an easy, enjoyable, and collaborative experience. 

It was her hope that by making the journey to authorship as collaborative, caring, and inspiring as possible, those who might have kept their moving stories to themselves would feel compelled to share. JB believes the world needs more stories from authentic people like those who write to heal and help others through sharing their own experiences.

Empowerment and transformation became JB’s key focus. She wanted to give authors a platform to share the most transformative moments of their lives, knowing her readers would feel inspired reading them. Ignite Publishing™ and JB Owen wanted to make sharing stories a powerful experience and Ignite all humanity on a massive scale.

From there, countless people have found empowerment, hope, guidance, transformation, and motivation through connecting with JB Owen and reading the powerful books she publishes. JB Owen herself is a 22-time bestselling author, with a forthcoming book called Wisdom From the Back of a Bike.

How JB is Igniting Humanity

JB Owen wants every person throughout all of humanity to feel seen and heard by others. She believes that heart-centered storytelling where people come together and authentically share who they are, what they believe, and what they have experienced is what can connect people despite any differences. Igniting Humanity to her means empowering every person to share their story and listen to the stories of others.

She does this through the books she publishes, but also through providing scholarships to authors facing financial barriers to publication, hosting summits to teach and inspire others to live their truth and ignite their lives, training up-and-coming entrepreneurs to adopt a successful, more conscious and caring way of doing business, and so much more.

Most recently, JB Owen is producing and co-directing an uplifting and inspiring documentary titled Ignite Humanity that will be filled with real people sharing their true, powerful stories. Owen created this documentary with the purpose of providing a beacon of hope for those feeling lonely, hurt, uninspired, or disconnected from humanity so they can see the possibilities and greatness waiting for them.