How to Develop Bouncebackability with James Williams Master Performance Breakthrough Coach


Even though we’ve long held the saying, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” as accurate, it is fair to say there’s something else that’s certain in life—decision. As you ponder through that, also consider, the fact that there are no such things as problems, only opportunities for solutions.

At this juncture, ask yourself this question: What would you give to gain the ability to overcome challenges in life quicker and progress faster?

I’m guessing, anything. 

This ability also referred to by James as bouncebackability transforms whoever possesses it into a master performer in whichever area of life they have focused. However, it is a skill that you have to learn. James Williams, a Performance Breakthrough Coach has been supporting entrepreneurs level up and achieve ambitious goals both personally and professionally. 

James, more than most coaches, understands how to bring out anyone’s ability to develop bouncebackability. 

Redefining Bouncebackability

To James, bouncebackability is not just about the physical, but the power of the human psyche. Many people think that their decisions have to be perfect, that they cannot make any mistakes. But we go through very crucial learning processes through errors.  

Michael Jordan’s journey to success is particularly of interest to James . How the renowned basketball player famously spoke about how his many failures were his biggest lessons to mastery. 

The ability to bounce back from failure quicker than everyone else is, according to James, the number one thing that you should have as a high performer. It helps you gain momentum to go further, especially when you don’t allow yourself to fall too far. Knowing that once you overcome any challenge, you’re going to be rechallenged time and time. Overcoming adversity creates the kind of success that lasts. 

Maintain Your Energy

To be in the best position to bounce back from any of life’s or business’s challenges, it is crucial that you have in place a daily strategy to generate enough mental and physical energy in yourself. Learning to maintain and sustain your energy will result in your thriving rather than just surviving. 

To do so, maintain a positive outlook on challenges and recognize the lessons and opportunities that every problem offers

You could also preserve energy by micro-dosing your recovery consistently. Small chunks of scheduled time to recharge can result in whole days of more consistent power.

Another way you could try to maintain your energy is by focusing your attention to the outcome of the process you are in now. There may be times when a task isn’t intrinsically interesting to you. However, all tasks will benefit you or your business. By ensuring that you focus on why you’re doing the job, and what you and the organization will get from it, you’ll develop quicker bouncebackability.

Develop the Art of Response-ability

We are in total control of how we react. James believes that “the only thing we have absolute control over, is how we respond.” Therefore, “response-ability is the ability to respond in a way that is aligned with our higher self”. James believes that although he could teach all the strategies he knows, developing bouncebackability is a rational choice and a decision of how long you want to feel bad. 

The speed by which you learn from your mistakes and get back on track determines how fast you will become a high-performance achiever.

Following the points above, while encouraging and supporting your team to do likewise, will go a long way to building a more reliable business. If you are well prepared for setbacks (practically speaking and mentally), and if you think positively and act strategically in the face of adversity, your business will remain resilient, and your workforce reassured and focused.

To find out more about James Williams, check out his website and social media accounts.



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