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“Life is a matter of perspective.” It is one of the famous lines that explains why two people could have two completely distinct views, sometimes even conflicting, of the same thing. Have you ever noticed that many people know you, but very few of them understand you? If you investigate, you will discover that those people who understand you have nearly the same view of the world as yours. 

In life, perspective is the way people view their lives, including how they approach their lives and personal experiences. The current global population stands at nearly 8 billion people. Hence, there are 8 billion people who view the world differently. The person beside you might have a distinct view of the pandemic. You might see it as an opportunity to embrace digital transformation, while another person might view it as a reminder of the frailty of life.

Coach Rose Young shared that people could control and redefine their perspective. Coach Rose is a life empowerment coach who overcomes brokenness and pain in her life and now helps others to unleash their God-given potential. Coach Rose said that it is essential for people to learn how to view life’s things.

Life-Changing Events

In 2008, Coach Rose’s life turned upside down when she got involved in a triple-car road mishap. The jolt caused by the collision was so strong that she sustained multiple injuries in her neck, left leg, and back. Coach Rose recalled that her lower back suffered the worst damage. “I suffered extreme pain in my lower back that for five minutes I cannot walk, sit, or stand before changing position,” she narrated.

Coach Rose survived that horrifying vehicular accident. But little did she know that she would go through it again.

“A few years later, I found myself once again in another vehicular accident. This time it involves not only three but four vehicles.  It seems as if I was in a nightmare,” Coach Rose recounted. The second car accident was far more life-changing than the first one. She suffered multiple injuries that greatly affected her life.

Coach Rose said that her injuries did not allow her to go to work for several years. As a result, she ended up losing her job. “Without any work, I can no longer afford to pay for my home, so I eventually lost it,” Coach Rose continued. She found herself unable to support the needs of her children. Her friends left her at the lowest point of her life. “I begin to doubt myself. I lost my self-confidence,” she continued.

Coach Rose felt lost, depressed, and anxious.  “I had to endure the excruciating pain, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. My brokenness was beyond broken,” she shared.

Changing Her Perspective

Coach Rose admitted that depression and anxiety took control of her thoughts for a long time. For months and years, she drifted without any direction and continuously contemplated her ordeals.

Coach Rose changed her perspective, and everything changes in her life. She realized that her frustrations are also affecting her three young teens. “I became aware that I was also responsible for my three children. I forgot that they are also walking in the dark if I was walking in the dark. As a mother, I cannot permit that to happen to my children,” she said.

Coach Rose dropped a depressing view of life as she decided to pull herself together. “To overcome my brokenness, I embraced the power of positive statements to put on the road to being well again,” she said. Coach Rose flooded her mind with positive thoughts. Each morning, she spoke of positive things to herself. Then, she began writing everything good about her life every day in her What I am Thankful For List. Likewise, Coach Rose sought the help of a chiropractor to assist her in dealing with the constant pain and reduce her various medications. 

Coach Rose said that she overcame brokenness by not allowing her mind to play the blame game. It let her gain control of her surroundings and thoughts once again. She focused on healing and requiring her self-confidence.  

“There are two essential lessons that I have learned. First, it is helpful to have your why—my perspective changes when I discover that my why is my three children. And most importantly, I told myself I could do it, and I did,” she pointed out.

Why Coach Rose?

If you want to learn how to view the things that life is showing you, Coach Rose is inviting you for a one-on-one coaching session.

Why Coach Rose? She is a Life Empowerment and Mindfulness Coach who helps others overcome their brokenness and pain and turn it into empowerment. She guides aspiring leaders to formulate a plan to grow their businesses and continue to pursue their dreams.

Coach Rose empowers other people with encouraging words by providing a glimpse of her survival story and testimonials from those who have successfully conquered brokenness. “I help them find clarity on what they want and see the possibilities. I urge them to have greater expectations of themselves. Once they have that expectation, they are empowered to follow their hearts and accomplish their dreams,” Coach Rose said.

Coach Rose uses the valuable lessons that she learned during the lowest point of her life to guide other people in overcoming challenging situations. “I gained control of my thoughts and developed my self-confidence to get out of my brokenness. No, it is your turn to learn how to do it,” she said.

Start your journey towards empowerment now with Coach Rose!


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