Meet Sara Lunsford: Co-founder and partner of RomaDrama Live!

Sara Lunsford and Gabrielle Graf Palmer
Sara Lunsford (front) and Gabrielle Graf Palmer (back). Photo Credit: Laurie Pearson

Sara Lunsford chatted with True Hollywood Talk’s Markos Papadatos about the forthcoming RomaDrama Live! fan event, which will take place at Palm Beach, Florida, from June 24 to 26, 2022.

Lunsford is a co-founder and partner of RomaDrama Live!, along with lifelong best friend and business partner, Gabrielle Graf Palmer. RomaDrama Live! was born in 2018, and it has evolved nicely ever since. It has been a labor of love for both.

This will mark their second RomaDrama Live! event. Their inaugural event was held at The Factory at Franklin in Tennessee. “That was such a unique venue. The Factory at Franklin was such a charming place and it was a fun and warm environment,” she recalled.

“I am very excited about RomaDrama Live! 2022. Now, we have a little extra time, and we had already planned some extra special things for January,” she said.

“We are looking at adding more unique experiences for June,” she added.

RomaDrama Live! will feature such actors as Trevor Donovan, Ryan Paevey, Danica McKellar, Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, Jen Lilley, Wes Brown, Brittany Bristow, Erin Cahill, Rob Mayes, Drew Fuller, Lily Anne Harrison, Natasha Bure, Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Gregory Harrison, Crystal Lowe, Geoff Gustafson, and Zak Santiago.

In addition, it will feature the following award-winning authors and screenwriters, producers, and directors: Karen Schaler, Jeff Fisher, Rick Garman, Maura Dunbar, Riley Weston, and Nancy Naigle. “We touched on that in Tennessee but we will bring it to a different level in West Palm Beach. That is one of the special things that we are able to do,” she said. “When their stories are well-told, they just draw you in,” she said.

“We will be able to show people the whole 360 view on how the stories are written and how the movies are made. It’s just a full picture of how the stories are brought to life. A lot of the fans really enjoy that. People love the behind-the-scene panels because they get to know the unsung heroes. The writers and directors are the true stars but they often don’t get attention. We are giving them some well-deserved facetime at our events,” she elaborated.

On the title of the current chapter of her life, Lunsford said, “Hope.” “I am looking forward to turning the page for a fresh New Year in ‘2022’,” she said. “This New Year will be about rebuilding, growing, and moving forward, and I am hopeful that the New Year will be full of love and light.”

Regarding her definition of the word success, Lunsford responded, “In my younger days, success meant an impressive title or large bank account, it was all about recognition and money. Today, I would say success means being able to have a positive impact on the world, get a good night’s sleep, and be surrounded by the people that you love. I am still working on my ideal success.”

“Success is being able to appreciate and enjoy your blessings,” she added.

Lunsford concluded about RomaDrama Live! 2022, “I want the fans to have a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable experience. We want to bring the TV fantasy world to real life for them and provide a fun weekend escape.”

For more information on RomaDrama Live!, check out their official website, and follow them on Instagram.


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