Clarity; The Lightbulb Moment For Entrepreneurs


Clarity, new ideas, and sudden realizations are all examples of lightbulb moments. While we’ve all experienced them, an entrepreneur’s “goat!” moment has the potential to blossom into a brilliant business concept. Successful entrepreneurs recognize a possibility, see a future in the market, and effectively present their ideas as something desired and demanded. When, on the other hand, does inspiration strike? So, what happens after that?

For example, many entrepreneurs start with a broad concept — “I want to start a creative agency” or “I want to start a consultancy firm,” but few recognize that true clarity comes from a thorough investigation. Clarity is more like landing a plane: flying in circles until the runway is completely clear and ready to land.

What is The Business Idea?

When beginning a new business, entrepreneurs should think about the following questions: 

  • What need will my business fix?
  • In order to become the sort of leader I aspire to be, what space do I need to occupy?
  • Where will I get my financing?
  • What is the name of my team?
  • Who is my target market?
  • What function will my company play in my life, the lives of my stockholders, and the lives of the general public?

What Clarity Looks Like

While you could spend years looking for answers and never get closer to launching your company. Here’s how you know you are making progress when looking for clarity. When you can:

  • Write a one-sentence summary of your company.
  • In one sentence, define the larger goal of your organization.
  • Feel in sync with your company’s mission

When it is said and done, you want to avoid beating yourself up because, in some ways, seeking clarity is a lifelong endeavor. Even the most established CEOs you can think of are on their journey to clarity.

Getting Past Hurdles

When you begin working towards your vision, you can encounter something unexpected. Many entrepreneurs run against hurdles when trying to achieve clarity regarding a new enterprise, which prevents them from achieving clarity in the first place.

It’s not uncommon for someone starting a business to wish to make a beneficial influence in their neighborhood, for example. Perhaps they’d like to collaborate with organizations or provide pro bono services. But then fear sets in immediately, and the entrepreneur begins to worry about money: “Can I manage to offer free time?” What if my company collapses because I’m not always focused on profits?”

Rather than trying to “fix” or “get rid of” the conversations and ideas that bother you, sit down with them. Examine them closely. Discern the valid concerns from the invalid ones, and deal with them effectively.

Ride That Lightning

Take a deep breath and work on acquiring some clarity, whether you’ve been dreaming about your new business for years or simply got a rush of inspiration. Realize what you really want for your business and take steps to become and do what you need to be in order to attain it. As you begin excavating, pay attention to the obstacles and blockages you come across. Working through them now will help you prepare for future obstacles and guarantee that you ride the lightning of inspiration instead of being struck by it.Jateya Jones will help you gain clarity and transition your vision into reality, empowering you to confidently show up, boldly stand out, and claim your rightful spot in the marketplace.


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