Celebrity bodyguard Bubba Almony talks about his 2022 ‘Bubba’s Celebrity Basketball Game’

Bubba Almony
Celebrity bodyguard Bubba Almony. Photo Courtesy of Bubba Almony

Celebrity bodyguard Bubba Almony opened up to True Hollywood Talk’s Markos Papadatos about his upcoming annual basketball game “Bubba’s Celebrity Basketball Game.”

“It was definitely an honor and a blessing to put together something so impactful,” Almony said.

“The youth, children, and our teens are everything. We really need to instill in them ethics, morals, discipline, and character-building where they strive for their goals. We are able to bring law enforcement and the military together. It is something that I am truly grateful for,” he added.

“Children are the most important and essential people in the world,” Ali said. “The kids love Bubba in his basketball suit, he is like a big genie. Rub that lamp and there comes Bubba.”

She revealed that she is trying to put together a pilot, and she is trying to make it funny. “Hopefully, this will help uplift the community and give them some education. A great way to teach people is through film.”

On his definition of success, Almony said, “Achieving your own personal goals but also being humble and giving back to uplift others along your journey. As long as you do something for the greater good of humanity, that’s success. That’s what I strive to do.”

“When you do things for the kids, you actually see the rewards because you see the kids getting better,” Dr. Khalilah Camacho Ali said, the former wife of “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali.

Our entire conversation (via Zoom) with Dr. Khalilah Ali and Bubba Almony may be seen and heard below.


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