Chatting with Carlos Jay: The CEO and ‘Mr. Miyagi’ of Magic Men Australia

Carlos Jay, CEO of Magic Men Australia
Carlos Jay, CEO of Magic Men Australia. Photo Credit: Jamie Prevatt

Carlos Jay, the CEO of Magic Men Australia, chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors with the group. They are on their 2024 World Tour, and presently, they are touring Canada.

Carlos has also been affectionately known as the “Mr. Miyagi of Magic Men Australia.” He is touring Canada with such performers as Will Parfitt, Ceaser Smith, Sean Wepener, Ossie Mclean, Jaxon Human, and Micah Alexander. Carlos is thrilled to be working with Forrest Jones of Forrest Jones Entertainment, who remarkably enough is the sole promoter and booking agent of this tour.

“I am absolutely ecstatic to be in Montreal,” Carlos exclaimed. “It is so good to be back because now I know what to expect. I get to meet the nicest people in the world, but I also get to do what I love best, which is to perform and to entertain.”

On the lessons learned from this journey, he remarked, “What this journey has taught me about myself is that the world is a bigger place. You should never settle and you should always explore the world while you are young.”

Regarding their upcoming 2024 USA Tour, Carlos said, “I am looking forward to the USA tour later this summer. I am so excited. This will be my first time in the USA. I don’t know what to expect but I really want to bring it, so this can be the first or many times.”

The title of the current chapter of Carlos’ life is: “The Finish Line.”

Carlos Jay, CEO of Magic Men Australia
Carlos Jay, CEO of Magic Men Australia. Photo Credit: Jamie Prevatt

His favorite motto to live by is to “travel the world twice.” “Once alone (when you are single), and once with your family,” he said. “Travel as much as you can in your 20s, and just live life to the fullest… with no regrets.”

On his daily motivations, Carlos said with a sweet laugh, “The fact that I am going to retire at 40 — I am 37 now — so I have three years left to run through the finish line.”

“The best thing about being this age is that you don’t that s**t from anybody… You know what you want and you go for it,” he acknowledged.

He went on to furnish his definition of the word success. “Success, to me, means retiring by the age of 40,” he admitted.

For the dedicated fans and supporters, Carlos stated, “It takes an army. We have a great, loyal fan-base and I am very grateful and so appreciative of them, especially to have so many lovely people in my life.”

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