Chatting with Dr. Adam Summers: One of Newsweek’s Top Plastic Surgeons in America

Dr. Summers
Dr. Summers. Photo Courtesy of Dr. Summers

Dr. Adam Summers chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors. He is the founder of Maryland Plastic Surgery & PURE MedSpa – the region’s first fully integrated medical spa, ambulatory surgery cosmetic surgery center, and skincare laser center. 

He is a board certified plastic surgeon, Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery, and successful entrepreneur. He has been ranked by Newsweek/Statistia among the “Top 100 Plastic Surgeons in the United States.”

Dr. Summers is also the Director & Chairman of the Aesthetic Institute where he trains other healthcare providers in aesthetic procedures. 

How did the One-Hour Facelift come about?

A combination of experiences culminated in the development of the One Hour SMART Facelift. First, I first learned how to perform minimally invasive surgery procedures in the mid-1990’s during my General Surgery training. Subsequently, during my Plastic Surgery training I began applying those same techniques to cosmetic surgery.

Second, I participated in studies which help define the anatomy of the midface and the various soft tissue layers and their attachments and relationships to each other. From this I learned to appreciate what is required to achieve a natural appearance.

Third, I looked at techniques surgeons in other specialities were doing with reconstruction of soft tissue injuries, such as Orthopods, GYN surgeons, and others.

Based on those experiences, I set out to develop a technique that could be performed via a small, hidden incision and would provide long-lasting lifting of the cheeks and jowls using permanent sutures. 

The term “minimally invasive” means that incisions are smaller, and that the risk of bruising is greatly reduced. 

How did it feel to be recognized by Newsweek as one of America’s Top Physicians?

I love providing services to help patients achieve their goals. When I learned about being selected as one of America’s Top Physicians, I was truly honored to be recognized for doing what I love.

Of note, when building their list, Newsweek uses public and private information, including feedback from physicians. Being listed means that other physicians recognize you for the work you’ve done, the contributions made, and the level of care provided to patients.  Listing does not involve payment of any fees. All of this makes recognition as a Top Physicians even more impressive.

What motivates you each day as a doctor?

I love the challenge of helping people achieve their goals in a way that surprises and delights them. Providing patients with long lasting results that look entirely natural can be life-changing, and I love that I can help create these outcomes. 

What do your plans for the future include with the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center?

Maryland Plastic Surgery recently became a part of The Aesthetic Institute, which is one of the largest aesthetic training facilities on the East Coast. In our new 8,000 square foot location we continue to build on our experience as the first combined Medical Spa and Surgery Center. In addition, we are now also instructing other healthcare providers, participating in industry research, and developing the best aesthetic treatment options. 

We also look forward to expanding our Make a Veteran Smile program where we provide free surgical services for deserving Veterans.

Plastic surgery is ubiquitous every day in the news with celebs in pop culture and their drastic facial changes… What would you recommend to them?

There are literally millions of people walking around who have had plastic surgery procedures and who look great. You’d be surprised to learn that home makers, school teachers, car mechanics, electricians and many other “regular” people are enjoying the results of natural looking aesthetic procedures.

However, if an individual wants to eliminate every wrinkle and smooth every contour, they are at greater risk of having procedures which either “over inflate” or pull on the skin. This can result in a distorted appearance. To prevent this, I recommend the use of lasers and other non-surgical treatments to help smooth the skin without distortion. This can take longer but the results are superior.

What does success mean to you?

Having patents that are delighted with their results and being recognized nationally are certainly prominent measures of success.  My greatest satisfaction comes from developing novel treatments which provide long-lasting, natural results with minimal downtime or side effects. 

What would you like to tell our readers about the One-Hour Facelift? (what’s the one thing you want them to get out of it)

The One Hour SMART Facelift is one of the only long lasting facelift procedures which restores the natural contours of the face while avoiding the downtime, cost and side effects associated with traditional facelift procedures. The procedure is performed in less than an hour under local anesthesia and many patients can return to normal activities the next day looking good.

To learn more about Dr. Adam Summers, check out his official website, and follow him on Twitter.