Chatting with Tariq: Social influencer, YouTuber, boxer, and dancer

Tariq. Photo Courtesy of Tariq

Tariq, also known as “datboyws,” is a jack of many trades. He is a YouTuber, social influencer, dancer, boxer, model, and performer, who resides in Melbourne, Australia.

“I started making videos in high school,” he said. “I used to do YouTube, but then, after high school, I stopped doing it for a while. After that, I decided to do videos during the lockdown for fun. I started to ask people tricky questions and those videos started doing well. I learned how to edit videos myself and I worked nonstop. YouTube videos and reels are totally different. Then, I started posting consistently every week on Instagram, and my first video got 3.2 million views on Instagram.”

“After posting every single day consistently, I kept going, and another video got 6.1 million views, where I asked what two colors make blue. I was blown away, and I thought that was crazy! All of my videos are natural and spontaneous,” he added.

“As soon as my Instagram videos started blowing up, I got more followers,” he said. “One of my most-viewed videos on Instagram was 9.7 million views. It was a basic video about how many times you subtract 10 from 100. Then, I started posting on TikTok, and I was blowing up there as well.”

His interview videos of social media have gone viral, and rightfully so. “On Instagram, it took me four to five months of nonstop work and posting to get where I am. It was a lot of grind,” he said.

Nearly a year ago, he started working for Magic Men Australia as a waiter, and then he started doing content at their live shows in Melbourne. “I interviewed their top performers, and some of the girls that attended the shows,” he said. “Now, I am getting into content creation more and more.”

On being an influencer in the digital age, he said, “It’s good. Any time my videos get noticed or any time I put smiles on people’s faces is a big achievement for me. That’s the biggest reason I am proud to be an influencer: to put smiles on people’s faces.”

To learn more about Tariq, who is affectionately known as “datboyws,” follow him on Instagram and TikTok.


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