Chelsea Hobbs talks about ‘The Holiday Sitter’ and other projects

Chelsea Hobbs
Chelsea Hobbs. Photo Courtesy of UPtv

Chelsea Hobbs chatted about her new Hallmark holiday film “The Holiday Sitter,” and being an actress in the digital age.

“Our set had such an equally warm, funny (obviously), and exciting energy because everyone knew they were a part of something special. I’m truly honored to be part of such a historic and special film for Hallmark and the LGBTQ community,” she said.

She opened up about her character, Kathleen. “Kathleen was so fun to play because I got to really dive into my comedic side, she’s a loving mother, super excited about her new adoptive baby to come, but also a little neurotic. She is very relatable,” she said.

Hobbs had great words about working with such actors as Jonathan Bennett and George Krissa, as well as executive producer Maura Dunbar. “Jonathan is truly one of the most genuine and kind people I’ve ever worked with,” she said. “Not only is he hysterical but so insanely smart. George is an absolute doll and I can’t wait for the world to see how brilliant and sweet he is in this role, and Maura is the brains that helped bring this all to life with Jonathan, and so invested in the importance of this movie.” 

“We discovered we had actually worked together on hallmark’s Snow Queen, about 20 years ago,” she exclaimed.

She enjoyed being a part of “The Picture of Christmas” film on UPtv, where she starred alongside Giles Panton. “It was an adorable film, and not many people know I was going through a difficult personal time during filming. Through that, Giles was the most lovely and supportive costar, and the movie turned out so sweet,” she said.

On being an actress in the digital age, now with streaming and technology being so prevalent, Hobbs said, “It has been such a different experience. I remember working with Film, instead of digital cameras, and now to take it one step further, people can access media at their fingertips. In some ways, it makes it a lot harder, but in other ways, it’s beautiful because there is so much opportunity for great content.” 

Regarding the title of the current chapter of her life, she said, “The Wonder Years.” “That’s what I would say… to sum it all up,” she admitted.

She also spoke about doing the Lifetime movie “The Killer in the Guest House,” where she worked opposite actor Marcus Rosner. “Marcus and I worked together on UnReal and are buddies, so reuniting for that movie was a lot of fun. Lifetime movies tend to get you a little more wet and dirty than a shiny Hallmark Christmas movie, so it was definitely a lot of work and of course long nights,” she said. 

On her definition of the word success, Hobbs said, “To me, success means happiness. Success has never been the achievement of stature or money or fame to me. If you’re able to do what you love in a way that truly fulfills you, you’re successful. Money and recognition are nice but you have to love what you do to feel you’ve truly achieved success.”  

Hobbs concluded about “The Holiday Sitter,” “I hope this movie shows the people who don’t understand nontraditional love what love truly looks like, regardless of who you are. And I hope it makes people laugh. And I hope that the people who haven’t seen themselves represented in a film like this feel their hearts warmed. I want them to know that their love is just as important. So four things, but you get my point.”

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