Chris Brown and Lil Wayne Under Federal Investigation

MTV VMA 08 - Los Angeles, CA
Photo: Jean Nelson

Chris Brown is now part of a narcotics investigation by federal authorities, with a $15,000 wire potentially resulting in felony charges.  Lil Wayne is also suspected to be part of the investigation.

The investigation is a result of text messages sent to a known drug affiliate by the name of Harrison Garcia who is often seen posing for photos with the mega stars for his social media. Garcia is often seen flaunting stacks of cash, drugs and exotic cars.

On Thursday, federal authorities revealed they’re investigating a $15,000 wire transfer from Brown to Garcia used to purchase illegal drugs.

The Miami producer Garcia was quoted in a text to another a friend of brown’s stating  that the wire was for ” weed, lean and drugs.


Agents believe the 26-year-old music producer sold drugs to buy luxury cars, firearms, high-end sneakers, bags, and hats.

All of this comes in a time when Brown has launched his Party Tour. Seems like Chris can’t keep his head out of the water for very long. We will be updating this story as it develops.


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