Gaël Bonnel Sanchez to turn Miss Bulgaria into a Hollywood star

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Gaël Bonnel Sanchez, the French entrepreneur and producer with Spanish roots, is now producing Miss Bulgaria. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

He decided to make a partnership between Miss Bulgaria and Hollywood Influence, his new company that is officially part of the Nu Boyana Films Studios Family where he is also producer, partner and business development manager. 

Gaël Bonnel Sanchez already hit the news by clamming that he wanted the competition to be the most integrity possible and that he didn’t want to promote over surgery preferring to highlight natural beauty. “For sure, I am not against surgery when it helps ladies to be confident. But it should not be a trend that promote oversized lips”.

He already attended at Veliko Tarnovo election. “First of all, I would like to congratulate all the beautiful Misses that participate, and particularly the winner Miss Veliko Tarnovo Eva Zaharieva, her runner-up Vanessa Kamburova, and the second runner-up Daniela Licheva. I was very pleased to be invited by our local partner Elena Zaharieva Angelova, that did a wonderful job. My partner Irina Papazova also accompanied me to show me the way. I am very thankful for her help and transition. She is an amazing person that did a lot for this contest and it’s my turn to bring novelty. Now I feel ready to be present at all elections and to support all the Misses and our local partners. I am very excited to innovate creating a unique final ceremony with Hollywood look, that will take place at Nu Boyana Film Studios.”

The next election will be in Haskovo. “I am excited to discover this wonderful city and its beauties. Then we will go to Bourgas, Varna… To sum-up, I will attend all the magical towns of this beautiful country.” 

Miss Bulgaria will be connected to Hollywood Influence, his new company part of Nu Boyana’s family. 

“In addition to producing exceptional films with my new company Hollywood Influence, with my partner Yariv Lerner (owner of Nu Boyana Film Studios) and The Prince of Cambodia Narithipong Norodom, I am am committed to innovation and redefining the traditional codes of cinema by leveraging the power of social media. As we all know, the media industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, primarily driven by the digitization of content and its consumption through portable devices.”

“Social media, in particular, has emerged as a dominant player in the media landscape, and its influence on our lives continues to grow exponentially. As audiences spend more time consuming content on social media than on TV and movie theaters combined, Hollywood Influence is eager to innovate by producing vertically-oriented films and series that cater to this trend. Our productions will be distributed for free on social platforms (Instagram, TikTok, etc) reaching a wider and younger audience. So for sure, all the Misses will participate in our classical movies but also in our innovative vertical ones. Miss Bulgaria will get bigger roles and opportunities, as winner should be reward.”

“Also, with Hollywood Influence, I am now creating a showroom in Nu Boyana the heart of the Bulgarian Hollywood. All my partners’ brands will have an exclusive corner installed directly inside, at the main entrance of our studios. Hollywood’s actors, and the most prominent influencers will get the right to access the showroom, receiving free products in return for photographs that will expand partners influence. So our Misses will be also invited to get access to luxury free products from all of the Miss Bulgaria and Hollywood Influence partners.”

Finally, with Nu Boyana Film Studios, Film Forge and Hollywood Influence, we are now creating an official magazine that will be distributed in our movies studios, also in our production based in Hollywood, and in all the trendy places in the word. Our Misses will be regularly exposed.

All of this will bring them more fame in order to become ambassador of international brands that I am in contact with”

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