Matt Fraser talks about his 2024 tour dates and his new book

Matt Fraser
Matt Fraser. Photo Courtesy of Matt Fraser

Acclaimed psychic medium Matt Fraser chatted about his 2024 tour dates and his new book “Don’t Wait Till You’re Dead.”

“The tour has been fantastic. It has been going really well. It is both international and national this year. It has been crazy but in a good way. I just got back last night from Kentucky. I am excited to be home, and then, I am back out on the road again.”

New York shows in Patchogue and Rochester

This summer, he is looking forward to appearing in New York in both Patchogue Theatre and Rochester. On Friday, July 12, Fraser will be at the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, and on August 15th, he will be at the Kodak Center Theater in Rochester, New York.

“I can’t wait for those shows,” he exclaimed. “That will be my first time ever coming to the area of Rochester, which is really cool… a lot of people in New York have been asking me to go up there for quite a while. I was actually just at The Paramount in Hudson Valley in Peekskill, New York, where it was a sold-out venue.”

Future plans

Regarding his future plans, he revealed that he has a new book coming out titled “Don’t Wait Till You’re Dead.” “This book will come out in mid-August, and I am really excited about that,” he exclaimed. “This is a book that people are going to want to know more about because so many people ask me: ‘how do we actually know if we make it to heaven?’ and ‘what actually happens?’ Are there regrets or unfinished business. It talks about the things we wish we did while we were here on Earth.”

“We are all born here with different talents, skills, and abilities, but the hard part is once we leave this world and enter into the next, we have to look back on our life, and that’s when we discover what our life purpose is.”

“Then, on the other side, our soul takes a different journey of coming back in a form of watching over our loved ones here on Earth and also making sure the people don’t make the same mistakes that we did.”

Fraser shared that he enjoys doing Zoom events (along with his mother Angela) for his fans and supporters. “My mom has been getting back into it, and she has been doing a lot of readings, and we’ve been doing a lot of teachings together with one another,” he said.

“Lately, more people are starting to look into their own spirituality, and ways that they are gifted and ways that they can connect I think that is really cool to see. My mom helped me in my journey in becoming a medium. Now, I am happy to bring her onboard as well, especially to be able to help people on their journey; that is amazing.”

Stage of his life

“What’s Next?” “I don’t even know what’s next,” he said with a sweet laugh. “I never thought I would be writing another book and having this book coming out this summer… at least now so quickly.”

“Writing a book is a lot of hard work but I love it. I learn a lot through the people on my social media pages… my fans and followers,” he added.

Favorite motto to live by

On his favorite motto to live by, he revealed, “Just Keep Going.” “That’s a really good one,” he underscored. “Our loved ones in spirits can see tomorrow so much clearer than we saw yesterday. The souls tell me to tell people to just keep going.”

Baby boy Royce

In his personal life, he shared that his baby boy Royce is doing “so good.” “He is having the best time, and he is living the best life,” he said. “He is so cute but he is getting so big so fast.”


“Success means doing as much as you can while you are here on Earth. Helping as many people and being there for as many people as possible. Also, living up to your best life. Success is all about finding your inner talents, skills, and abilities. It’s about discovering you and sharing those talents with the world and using them to better the world.”

Message for his fans and supporters

For his fans and supporters, he said, “I want the fans to know that their loved ones are with them. That’s what I hope in every single show.”

“At the end of the day, I can give every person a reading, but I don’t want them wondering ‘what is my loved one saying now?’ or ‘I need to come back to Matt Fraser.’ I want everyone to feel healed by the messages that they see delivered,” he said.

“Also, I want them to know that the conversation with the loved ones doesn’t stay with me, they come home with you, and that’s where the real conversations begin. The loved ones are there with you, and that’s one of the most rewarding things… showing people that they can have that relationship and communication too,” he concluded.

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